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Why #SWFlorida needs rain – desperately!

Why #SWFlorida needs rain – desperately!, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 10 May ’09, 12.08pm EDT PST

I’m standing on my lanai, which faces precisely west. says this is burning at Ortiz Avenue, which is maybe 4 miles from my home. As more and more time passes without precipitation and the drought deepens, more and more brush fires are happening.

When You Wish Upon A Star

*1L seems to think I should blog this. I saw a shooting star tonight! Long-time readers may recall the last time I saw a shooting star. It was Sunday November 2nd, 2003 (scroll down a lot). I had just returned to my room at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas from having dinner at Boma with Chez Bro and da fambly.

I entered my darkened room and immediately made a beeline for the terrace door. As soon as I set foot on the terrace, I saw a shooting star, right over the Yacht Club! How cool was that?!?! Quickly, I shut my eyes and made my “when you wish upon a star” – and no, I won’t tell you what it was, for I want my dreams to come true!

Well, I can tell y’all now – I wished that night that I could move to Florida to live permanently. About 2.5 years later, that wish came true.

Granted, I had to do some work toward the fulfillment of that wish, but really, things lined up so harmonically – the exit from the Wall Street building, the telecommuting culture catching on like wildfire, the outsourcing agreement that ended up being insourced again, only people had moved away by then, thus setting a precendent… I’m tellin’ ya, it was the stars!

So… yes, I made a wish upon that star tonight. No, I won’t tell you what it was! We’ll see what happens…

Picasa Web Page Experiment

Experimented last night with creating a web page of photos using Picasa. If you want to view the page I made, click here to visit My Adventures *~*~* ( The photos are taken from both of my October trips to Walt Disney World.

The look is very clean; wish I knew HTML so I could customize it a big, but it was really easy to do and behaves MUCH better than the Front Page gallery template ever did.

Absurd 4 nov 5th !

It’s November 5th. Why am I looking at a garland of candy canes in Publix? Target is all decorated, too. WHAT HAPPENED TO THANKSGIVING?

Donzerly light – it’s back!

As in, “oh say can you see, by the….” – did I mention already that I really appreciate it being light out when I wake up? I did? Well, it can’t be said enough! Weatherbug says it’s 51* this morning, so it’s sweatshirt weather on the lanai. Lot’s to accomplish at work this week, so I’ve gotta get to it. TTYL


Since the temperature has dropped significantly, I figured I’d better take a photo of the plumeria before all the leaves go bye-bye. This was just a stick with some roots when Chris gave it to me a year ago; now look at it! Mine didn’t bloom like Gary’s did, but I think that’s because his probably gets a fuller day of sun than mine does. I might plant it in the ground soon, or else just get a bigger pot for it and keep it on the lanai.

Fall back, everyone, Daylight Savings Time

My website is messed up because the hosting facility had an outtage and all the Front Page extensions got uninstalled from all the servers. When the reinstall happened, it didn’t go so well, and the advice is to “DELETE YOUR WEBSITE and start over.” So I had to uninstall the extensions and then delete the entire website from the host last night. I kicked off the re-install before turning in (it takes about 4 hours to upload), and woke up this morning to an error message. So now I’ve kicked it off again, and I’m grumpy.

Otherwise, I quite enjoyed waking up in the light rather than in the dark, but DANG – it was only about 49* when I woke up. It has risen to 55*, but in the meantime, I’ve broken out the Mickey Mouse sweats.

My computer changed itself, and the house alarm was already good. I’ve changed the microwave and the stove, and I need to also change my alarm clock, the car, and my watch. Then I will be done with “fall back”. I don’t bother with the VCR or the DVD player unless I’m trying to record something on a timer. I have the TV and all that plugged into a power strip which I keep turned off most of the time. It’s one of my little contributions to living green.