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Battle of Fort Myers statue

I had to google (yeah that’s a verb now) and found out that Wikipedia calls The Battle of Fort Myers is known as the “southernmost land battle of the Civil War.” Coincidentally, it looks like tomorrow is the 143rd anniversary of the battle!

City Seal and Clock

In keeping with my mood to capture trash can art and such these days, here’s the seal of the City of Fort Myers (above). There’s also an old-fashioned street clock down there, and it was actually keeping the correct time.

Three Fort Myers Dudes

Speaking of cute, how ’bout that baby petting the turtle, above? 😀 Below, we have Mo, Larry and Curly – oops, I mean Edison, Ford and Firestone. I passed the Ford and Edison estates on the way home (I took McGregor); I guess that will be another outting I’ll need to take soon.

Centennial Park, Fort Myers Florida

I needed to get out of the house today to try and walk off cigarette cravings, so I decided that since I’ve been living here nearly two years, it was high time I visited Centennial Park, which is on the Fort Myers waterfront. Above, I’m driving down Hendry Street toward the Caloosahatchie River.

Above, I’m still driving. I’m not sure how many bridges there are, or which one that is, above. It might be the one that’s part of I-75???

I parked in non-metered parking in the post office, which is across the street from this event center. No clue what sort of “events” take place there.

Just trawlin’ the decks

Just traversing the ship, checkin’ out the sights. I didn’t really anticipate doing Johnny Rockets here, as I have a Johnny Rockets right in Fort Myers that I can go to any time I wish. I think it was at this point that they called out for us to report to our cabins.

Lunch before we go

Kelly came to drop Mary off at my house. After the grand tour and some standing around and bullshitting, Kelly left and Mary and I stopped at the DQ Grill for sustenance before heading out to Alligator Alley.