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My hotel room fridge hath arrived

Maybe only people who are total slaves to their morning coffee will get this, but I will try to explain it anyhow. I need MY coffee in the morning, the way *I* like it, or the day is just ruined. So, whenever I am staying in a hotel, I bring MY coffee and extra sugar (yes, a concession to white food), and then I have to have REAL milk – yes another concession to white food. It does not have to be whole milk. It can be 2%. However, I cannot do powdered stuff or half and half or "international delights" or any of that other stuff. Anythng less that actual milk from a bottle constitutes ruination of my day.

This means that when I am in a hotel, I need a way of keeping my milk cold. The logical choice is a refrigerator in the room. This is the preferred Plan A. Sometimes they charge extra for this, sometimes not.

Plan B is to bring my rolling cooler and make use of the ice machine on the floor. If I am not flying, that means I am driving, so the rolling cooler automatically goes in the back of the RAV as a contingency measure.

Plan C is for when I flew and therefore did not get to throw my rolling cooler in the back of the car – I use the ice bucket in the room and get a really small milk. Plan C is a HUGE PITA.

Obviously, this time, Plan A is in effect. So now I get to leave the cooler in the back of the car and take a walk over to Walgreens’s for a bottle of cold, delicious 2%, thereby avoiding daily ruination – w00t!

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Yes, I’m still watching videos on CityWalk

Some of my intrepid readers know, but an equal or greater number do not know that my first college degree was in music performance and that I have a HUGE passion for pop music. Love discovering new acts and I keep fairly close tabs on the indie scene. So sitting here on CityWalk with a drink in my hand and a steady stream of tunes is actually my idea of fun 🙂

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My dinner, from Pastamore on CityWalk

Tuscan ham sandwich and "Roman Tea" – twist on the infamous Long Island Iced Tea. I think it’s gonna kick my butt….. Tunes and videos blasting from the big screen with music acts that are definitely kicking butt! I am in a certain kind of heaven here. Yeah. 🙂
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This would be a good place to sit and listen to tunes

There’s a big screen blaring videos across the way and lots of tables. Right now there are a bunch of business people doing a spontaneous hokey pokey nearby trying to compete on the decibel level… Yeah, this place is probably a bit wild at night!

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Pool at the Four Points near Universal Orlando

Off Disney property, the Orlando area can feel urban and congested (ok, that’s relative, as anyone who’s ever driven on Deer Park Avenue on a saturday morning can attest!). it’s nice when a hotel creats a little oasis like this; it’s an escape right in the middle of it all.

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The view to the left

The view to the left, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

That’s Wet n Wild down there – not a park I’d go to at this stage of my life unless the nieces were desperate to experience it. But it looks like there’s a lovely setting for those hotels across the lake.

Sorry if you can see the dirt on the windows; they don’t open up this high (as well they shouldn’t!)

i think I will head over and knock around CityWalk for a bit, figure out what I want for dinner, and come back here for some homework.

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Off to see the Wizard…ing World Of Harry Potter

Meeting family in Orlando for a few days; will send pics.

On the agenda: drop in on the Flower & Garde Festival at EPCOT, Universal parks and maybe a non-Orlano surprise side trip.

See Ya Real Soon!

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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022120113518Elementary school children participated in “Read Across America” today, in honor of the 107th birthday of Dr. Seuss. Here’s my personal birthday card to the good Dr. – some scenes (in slide show form) from Universal Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing. [Subscribers: if you don’t see a slide show embedded in your subscription email, please come to the blog to view it. Thanks!]

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter is over capacity

They are handing out-window-of-time tickets just to get into that part of the park, never mind on the rides. we’re going to get some lunch.

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Shady waiting spot at Universal IOA

Found a abench in the shade to wait, near Guest Services.

it has now been about two hour since I got here and I am only barely inside the park gates.

I am not EVAH waiting on these people again (yeah I know, we’re related so it’s likely I will find myself waiting on them sometime again in the future. A girl can dream.)

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I see Hogwarts from my room!

Last time I was in Orlando, I decided that I was bored with the Sheraton Safari and that I liked the Four Points by Universal a lot. So I booked it on Starwood points for this weekend.

True, I will have to schlep a bit to get to Disney, but "free is good" – plus, Monday we are going to see Harry Potter, so I will be handy for that.

Now to freshen up and go meet Da Fam in EPCOT. Oh and that is Hogwarts dead center of the photo!

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Hippogriff, comin’ through

Sitting in a round, pavillion-like alcove behind the Three Broomsticks, periodic, muffled screams can be heard as the Flight of the Hippogriff zooms past the rooftops of Hogsmeade. I can hjear the dragons roaring too 😉

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Boughs of holly adorn Zonko’s

This is definitely a better time to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter than Halloween was! I can actually walk into the shops without waiting in a queue. Here we go into Zonko’s…

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The Ho-Ho-Holidays Are Coming!

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Mickey Monitor 🙂 The winter edition of the Mickey Monitor has arrived and I just can’t believe it’s the end of November already! The holidays are fast upon us now. Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and before you know it, Christmas will be here.

I have ONE more fling at Walt Disney World planned before my Annual Pass expires. I’ll be meeting some special folks from out of town in early December and we’re looking forward to just hanging out, taking in the sights, sharing a cup or three of mulled wine and getting a case of the Ho-Ho-Hos in the Happiest Place On Earth. Stay tuned, because you know I’ll be mobile blogging the trip (and, I might add, I have an annual pass to the Universal parks now, too – double the fun!)

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Mythos at Islands of Adventure

© Copyright 2010 Tink *~*~*

The “Lost Continent” section of Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park has taken a hit to make way for the new “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” section. Casualties include:

  • The Flying Unicorn, a kiddie roller coaster, which has now been re-themed as Flight of the Hippogriff
  • The Enchanted Oak, a counter service restaurant that had the best ribs I’ve ever tasted on this entire planet, seems to have morphed into The Three Broomsticks – still counter service but with a decidedly English countryside twist to the menu
  • “Fire and Ice”, the feet-dangling-Erin-terrorizing double roller coaster, as been re-themed to reflect the Dragon Challenge in the Triwizard Tournament, an event around which Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was centered.

Still standing is the “Poseidon” themed section of the Lost Continent, including the award-winning Mythos restaurant. Inexplicably, I have always managed to miss dining at Mythos; one thing or another has prevented me from joining any of my friends and family there, thus far. So, if there is such a thing as a theme park “bucket list”, this would be on mine – lunch at Mythos. I have the feeling I’d better get to it sooner rather than later, before what remains of the Lost Continent becomes truly lost!

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Filch’s Emporium at Hogwarts – it’s Fluffy! When you press the button…

…he snores! There’s also a Hedwig puppet with a swivel head. All out of Sorting Hat puppets – alas!

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