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Walt Disney World

As requested – the shrimp were ok, except for the fact that there were only two of them. The “sauce” seemed to be a vinagrette of some sorts, just ok. There was zucchini and maybe some sort of mushroom in addition to the onions. Since I’d already had onions with the buffalo, I left these on the plate. So that’s why this one only got a half-mast thumb. More shrimp, less “eh” veggies would have made it a thumbs up.


Well, alrighty then!

I have figured out why the pics I sent on the drive over here didn’t show up. It has to do with my cell carrier having a different protocol for text and pics. So I read the advice in the Help files here (good, help by the way – big thumbs up, thanks!), and now we should be good. I guess I’ll delete all that junk and resend, maybe. But it was really “on the road” stuff, to let mah peeps know where I was on the journey, and now the moment has passed…

See previous pic (which is where I finally figured out what was wrong) – could it be that The Upgrade Fairy strikes again? I will have to check with The Upgrade Fairy’s maternal unit to be sure. But right now, I need to eat something, and then I’m going to take my ass into Epcot! Hmm, maybe I will take my ass into Epcot and THEN eat something!

I’m going to Disney World

I am all packed and ready to go. I just need some sleep! I hope my cold feels better in the morning. It just plain sucks to be going to Disney World with a flaming cold!