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I’ve been resting

You know how it is when you’ve been away.  Stuff piles up.  Everyday type stuff.  The mail purge is not going to happen by itself, nor will the respecting of finances, laundry, housecleaning (WHERE does all this dust come from!) and etc.

Work is pretty busy too.  Year-end stuff, compounded by all the crap that goes on in the Wall Street arena these days….

I made a list last night and I was horrified, but started on it and felt a little better.   One of the things I need to do is go through photos and prepare for jumping back into the weekly photo meme routine.  I love having so much new material.

So this is looking to shape up as a week of recovery from my 10 days away from home.  Give me a couple of days to catch up, ok?  I’ll be back!

Almost home!


I’m SO grateful to get out of the great frozen tundra (temps in the single digits -sometimes, in the NEGATIVE single digits).

Why am I in frozen Columbus, Ohio?

Oh yeah. Epic meetings. Which suck, by the way. At least the boss bought us toys. We have play doh and silly putty, etc. Above, I get all existential with the silly putty.