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All aboard the Friendships at Walt Disney World

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IMG00521-WDW-EPCOT-Friendships-Canopy🙂 One of the best reasons to stay at an EPCOT resort hotel at Walt Disney World is the easy journey between your hotel and the park. The resorts, which include the Boardwalk, The Yacht Club, the Beach Club, The Swan and The Dolphin, are arranged around Crescent Lake. There are walking paths all around the lake, for those who would like a leisurely stroll to and from the park. And then there are the Friendships.

IMG00750-WDW-EPCOT-Friendship-boatOf course, I do love to take the stroll 🙂 I’ve done it many times, and I never tire of it. Partly, this has to do with my continued love affair with the skies over Florida; fields of amazing blues populated by puffy perfection, sometimes floating, sometimes streaking, sometimes towering, always awesome. Sometimes I like to take the boat too. This is especially true late at night, when I am tired. I sort of amble out of the park, taking my sweet time, and by time I get to the International Gateway – which I like to think of as the English Channel because it’s between the UK and France 😉 – there’s hardly any line at all and the Friendships are a walk-on. On a lovely autumn night, it’s wonderful to grab a seat outside and let the hum of the motor and the whoosh! of the water as the boat cuts through it drown out the chatter of the other guests – a beautiful ending to a beautiful night at EPCOT.

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