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Into the belly of the beast at the Naples Zoo, Southwest Florida

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IMG_2095-Naples-Florida-zoo-gator-feeding-time🙂 I recently had the privilege of touring the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens here in Southwest Florida. OK, “privilege” is stretching it a bit – it was REALLY hot and the animals were mostly sleeping, so not so much in the excitement department. But the botanical gardens were beautiful, and we know that if we go back in, say, December, we’ll have better luck with the animals being more alert. As it happens, it was the animals that are accustomed to the heat who provided the most entertainment and education for the day – plus, my spot of red for Ruby Tuesday! In this photo, we see one of the animal handlers at the zoo ringing a dinner bell – hmmm, who’s getting fed?

Hey, who said you could come up out of the water yet? Back, back you beast!

Now, you just get right back into that water this instant, young man. You heard me – git!

Aw, you’re so cute when you’re all contrite and sorry like that! Good boy!

OK, here ya go – nice, juicy, RED steak. Supper time!

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