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Orlando Do-Over: Day 1 wanderings

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IMG_1111This is the second in a series of “do-over” posts that are being created to make up for the mobile blogging errors that occurred during my last trip to Orlando.

When last you left me, I was standing in the parking lot of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, awaiting my chariot. No, really, the tram LOL 😉

First order of business was my new park pass, and then I found myself sauntering up the boulevard. I left a message for my friends Joy and Al, and started browsing the shops.

The sky was a lovely shade of blue, and I snapped a photo of Mickey’s backside at Crossroads Of The World.


Now, a guy I know owns an umbrella cockatoo named Lexie – or, more accurately, Lexie the umbrella cockatoo owns a guy I know! – and he’s got this little Lucite-type carrier for traveling and such. We kid around that it’s actually bullet-proof, and we call it Lexie’s “pope-mobile”, so I had to snap a picture of this toy from Disney’s CARS 2, and send it to Lexie. I’m sure he got a kick out of it 😉


I found my friends in front of the animation courtyard, and after a bunch of hugging and exclaiming (I have not seen them since October 2010), we set out to do some touring. Toy Story Mania was a 70 minute wait and Fast Pass “sold out”. We grabbed a Fast Pass for Star Tours; while waiting for it to mature, we did One Man’s Dream. Inside the exhibit with all the models of the resorts, a Cast Member told us to examine the model of Tokyo Disneyland for “the world’s largest Hidden Mickey”. Sure enough, we all spotted it – easy to do with a bird’s eye view! Taking a photo of it without a ladder was a bit difficult, but you will spot it too, I am sure.


We also took in The American Idol Experience. A woman named Jenny won the round that we saw. She had a great voice and her delivery was very polished. This, however, is not Jenny. This is the dude they send out in the beginning to fire up the crowd and coach them on how to react to the judges (boo them when they criticize).


There is nothing going on in the sound studio now, and the Cast Member we asked didn’t seem to think a new attraction would be coming in any time soon. They weren’t even playing Radio Disney like they used to – when did they stop that? I took a picture of the neon tower anyway, just because I like it.


Finally, our Fast Passes for Star Tours matured, and we encountered some droids, but they were not the droids we were looking for. Rats. 😉

Next time: dinner!

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