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Summer adventures in Southwest Florida, Part 1

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2012-07-06 22.04.04The blog has been quiet, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been languishing – far from it! Most people think this part of the country is a paradise only in the winter, a respite from the frozen north. Well, that may be true, and it may also be true that while the rest of the world comes out of the house and comes alive in the summer, we tend to go inside to the blessed relief of central air conditioning.

Despite the heat, there are still things to do, places to go, and people to see in the summertime in Southwest Florida. My month started out a little slow, after all the June excitement with Tropical Storm Debby and the treasures brought to the beach by that natural phenomenon – but I’m happy to report it rapidly picked up speed and I’ve had a blast this summer so far πŸ™‚ Are you ready to see what I’ve been up to? C’mon – let’s go!

2012-07-05 13.03.10

JULY 5TH: The Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida has been on my bucket list for a while. My visit coincided with a special exhibit featuring comic strips and cartoonists who were prominent during the era of Nazi Germany. Both Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney are featured, among others.

2012-07-05 13.29.36

I wasn’t happy with my visit. I was VERY interested in the special exhibit, as you can imagine – I am, after all, a huge Disney fan. Disney’s war propaganda cartoons were being shown in one room, but I was told that a really great docent was about to lead a tour, and the sound on the television was turned off, probably in deference to this tour, so I joined them. Little did I know that this tour would involve the docent delivering a lecture that went on for an hour and did not show signs of stopping; there were some chairs, but most people were left standing. I wandered away and after a quick turn through the rest of the museum, I made my escape. Wish I had better things to say about this experience.

2012-07-06 19.25.37

JULY 6TH: Art Walk in the Fort Myers River District! I began the evening at Ford’s Garage, rendezvous point with friends Charlene and Eric Taubert. Ford’s is one of those places with lots of different beers and ales to try, and if you have dinner there during Art Walk, you can have free valet parking that night. The place was VERY crowded, and it took a long time to get seated. After a good dinner and lively conversation, we took to the streets of the recently revitalized downtown area of Fort Myers to see some art.

2012-07-06 21.52.52

A friend pointed out that the buildings themselves in downtown Fort Myers qualify as art; everything has an art deco feel to it. Here’s the historic Edison Theater, which is no longer a theater but now serves as office space.

2012-07-06 22.04.04

The Howl Gallery had a special exhibit – it was all Mickey Mouse, all the time in there! Check out the Howl’s current show page to see all the art. Above is my favorite, because he’s sort of emo and sweet ΒΊoΒΊ


JULY 10TH: Freakish and violent weather is not unusual for Southwest Florida in the summertime, but this was scary-freakish. I walked out of the house one afternoon on a grocery mission and saw this in the northeastern sky. Looks like a tornado wanted to form, a little too close to home for comfort! My shopping expedition was in the precise opposite direction, and I hastened away. The house was still here when I got back, so I guess it was all good πŸ˜‰

2012-07-14 20.47.44

JULY 14TH: Out on the town with pal Michele Lorito-Chase. We saw a movie at the Bell Tower, had some dinner, and went for a drink at World of Beer.

2012-07-14 21.32.26

The best part of going out for pizza: bringing some home for breakfast the next morning πŸ˜‰

2012-07-16 09.48.10

JULY 16TH: I’ve been volunteering as social media strategist for Lee County’s Conservation 20/20 organization, which acquires and maintains conservation preserves. I curate their Facebook page – drop by and “like” us! A new piece was added to the Alva Scrub Preserve, so I set out with a friend on a promotional photography mission….

NEXT TIME: a hike through the Alva Scrub Preserve


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Tink’s *~*~* Links: soup, slumber, and something cool in between

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I’ve been doing some reading in my RSS reader lately. Here are a few Disney-related links I hoarded to share with you all.

I’ve decided to call this post “Tink’s *~*~* Links” just because I like things that rhyme πŸ™‚ And who knows, maybe this shall become a trend! On with the sharing….

First up –

Curry Butternut Soup from Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – made by The Disney Chick!

I’ve been reading her for a while, and tweeting with her on occasion. The Disney Chick’s definitely got it going on when it comes to trying Disney recipes and sharing them with us. I’ve had this soup at Boma a few times and it’s mmm-mmm-GOOD! This is going to be a must-try for me – I’ve got her post preserved in my Instapaper account!

A from-the-air comparison of Disney parks

I dropped in on the Imagineering Disney site last week. Some former cast members number amongst the site’s contributors, and I often find their material intriguing. This time, it’s a side-by-side comparison of some aerial views of Disney parks across the globe. Check it out!

Imagineering Disney – Comparing Disney parks from the air

Here’s another cool thing I found last week while browsing around.

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Documentary about the second golden age of Disney filmaking. There has been a TON of chatter on Twitter about this in the past week or so. Get ready to be very, VERY excited!

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“The real heartbeat of this company was, is and will always be the film-making business” – Roy Disney

Everyone looks so YOUNG! Roy, Tim Burton, John Lasseter, Katzenberg, Eisner… guest appearances by a mariachi band (maybe the one from EPCOT?) and Gumby!

Become A Fan of Waking Sleeping Beauty on Facebook

If for any reason the YouTube video is not visible above, you can see the trailer at Apple.com – which says, “in theaters March 26, 2010”

Waking Sleeping Beauty – trailer on Apple.com

Depending upon how much time I have in the future to read through my RSS feed, y’all might be seeing more editions of Tink’s *~*~* Links in the future!

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Disney critters at work and play

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IMG_1992-WDW-DTD-Cashier-grasshopper-antsπŸ™‚ I was in Walt Disney World (where else?), standing in line at the big World of Disney store in Downtown Disney, waiting for my opportunity to indulge in some rampant consumerism. The Cast Member who was ringing up the woman ahead of me was inexperienced, slow and giving out some really bad advice about where discounts could and could not be had. Bored, impatient, but trying to be nice and pleasant and Zen about it, I glanced at the ceiling and smiled with genuine delight – there, painted on the ceiling, were the subjects of one of my all-time favorite Silly Symphonies.

Disney’s Silly Symphonies are a series of 75 short, animated films produced over a period of about ten years during the 1930s. In fact, the very first full Technicolor film was a Silly Symphony called Flowers and Trees. Some of these short films were based upon myths, legends, morality tales and fables. One of Aesop’s best fables made cut – The Grasshopper and the Ants.

IMG_1991The story features a grasshopper who fiddles and sings his way through summer, when food is abundant, and scoffs at the ants, hard at work setting aside stores for the lean months ahead. Winter finds the grasshopper collapsing on the ants’ doorstep, starved and nearly frozen. In pity, they take him in and care for him, but the arrival of the colony’s queen strikes fear into his heart. He supplicates himself before her, knowing that he’s been lazy, has not worked, has scoffed at them, and doesn’t deserve their kindness. The queen hands him his fiddle and admonishes him… to play! At once, he realizes he just landed himself a position as court musician. He strikes up a jolly tune and the dancing commences. Soundtrack swells, fade to black.

I once took a sociology class called “The Disney Empire: Culture and Power”, where I learned that both as an employer and as an entertainment company, Disney tends to blur the lines between work and play. There are many examples in Disney’s films of work and play interchanging, but none so pointed or classic as The Grasshopper and the Ants.

It’s pretty rare in this world to have a job that feels like play. Sometimes, when I watch the young Cast Members, barely adults themselves, playing with the kids along the parade route in the Magic Kingdom to help them pass the time, I’m just a little envious. I know they don’t make much money, I know – I just like the idea of getting paid something, ANYTHING, for playing πŸ˜‰

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A gem of a Disney site: DisneyAnimation.com

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A gem of a Disney site: DisneyAnimation.com

I came across this site several months ago and bookmarked it for exploration “someday”. Well, today’s the day! This is the official site of Walt Disney Animation Studios, located at http://www.disneyanimation.com

The landing or index page for Walt Disney Animation Studios is currently featuring scenes from the latest Walt Disney Pictures release BOLT. Every time the page is refreshed, a different scene is displayed. Of course, there is a link to the official site for BOLT, which features a lot of fun activities for children of all ages πŸ˜‰

The Walt Disney Animation Studios site features three sections that are full of interesting facts, photos and links related to the history of the studio and its output as well as facts about planned future releases and career advice

Here are some of my favorite highlights from this site:

ABOUT US – on this page there are different animation drawings displayed, depending upon which link you hover over. The Tinker Bell drawing is adorable. Under the ABOUT US tab you can find out about the studio in Burbank, check out links to all of Disney’s animated films and learn about what an aspiring animator can do to prepare for a possible career in the world of animation.

PROJECTS – This is the good stuff! Here you’ll find links to current projects that are being developed and implemented by the Walt Disney Animation Studios. The projects listed as of the time of this writing are –

  • BOLT – this is the most complete of the projects sites – lots of goodies here.
  • The Princess and the Frog – Thank you, Disney. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing hand-drawn animation back! The stories and the characters that Pixar comes up with are amazing, but there’s something about them that leaves me cold, as compared to traditional hand-drawn animation. There’s an initial trailer posted here, featuring snippets of the soundtrack by Randy Newman. This one is due in 2010. I am looking forward to it. I am so happy that hand-drawn is back, I cannot even muster up the righteous indignation necessary to rant about Yet Another Princess character πŸ™‚
  • Rapunzel – no date given, just a synopsis of the story.
  • The King of the Elves – same here, no dates, just a brief outline
  • Shorts – there are three short films described, and one of them, featuring Goofy, provides a snippet of video plus some stills. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m kind of excited that it looks like Disney wants to bring back the short film.

CAREERS – in this last section, there’s some valuable information about the types of careers one can have in animation, paid internships at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and instructions about the application process.

All in all, I think it’s a pretty neat site. I’m so happy that Disney’s animation studio seems to be flourishing and thriving. I miss the studio in Orlando, you know, the one that had actual animators in it. Perhaps someday I’ll make the trek to Burbank and get a tour. In the meantime, you can be sure that I will be checking back with the Walt Disney Animation Studios website frequently, to see if they’ve added any music or video from the upcoming projects, or even if they’ve added any new projects.

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