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Tink’s *~*~* Links: Backstage, beaches and books

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Unique night-time views of the Magic Kingdom

IMG_2621-WDW-MK-Cinderellas-castleWhile watching Tinkerbell fly through the night skies at the opening of the Wishes fireworks show, have you ever wondered how she gets up there? Yes, I know – pixie dust. OK, you got me. Let’s rephrase – suppose YOU wanted to fly through the sky like Tinkerbell, but you were dustless at the moment. How would you get up there? How would you make sure you would not fall?

The Imagineering Disney blog has published a series of photos taken one night while climbing to the very tippy-top of Cinderella’s Castle. The elevator only goes as far as the now-famous Castle Suite, where some lucky guests have had the good fortune to spend the night. To climb beyond that and take in the views, you apparently need a safety harness! If you are the type who thinks a backstage view would “ruin the magic” for you, then don’t CLICK HERE

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Come to the beach!

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While trawling around YouTube, I found some TV commercial videos for tourism in Lee County, Florida. I chose to live in Lee because of the proximity to Sanibel Island, one of the Lee Islands. The video embedded above has an “Awwww!” factor that will leave you hungry for unplugged beach time on the Lee Island Coast. And if you can’t get down here for a while, it will at least sustain you until you can.
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Book Review: Project Future

There’s a breed of Disney fans who can be classified as Disney scholars. Beyond enjoyment of the magic, they want to know who and what makes it tick. George Taylor is one such fan. He’s got a great library of books that deconstruct, analyze or just plain celebrate Disney, and frequently offers book reviews on the websites for which he writes.

This time, George has chosen “Project Future: The Inside Story Behind The Creation Of Disney World”. I’ve been waiting for this book to be published and now I’m waiting some more until August rolls around, hoping that someone will pluck it from my Amazon Wish List and present it to me for my birthday.

I always look forward to George’s reviews, and was especially pleased to see this one. CLICK HERE to visit 2719 Hyperion and read about “Project Future”. You can also find George at Imaginerding Disney

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