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Tink’s *~*~* Links: Wallabies, whales and warm-fuzzies

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Wallabies by Victius

Wallaby Wanders Wonder

This is a great story that I first discovered on a blog called OMG, what IS that?. I love this blog because Alison can usually dig up some strange, off-beat animal stories. This one is no exception, so I went googling about it.
The Orlando Sentinel reports that a woman from Texas was visiting relatives in the Windemere, Florida area. They live on a street called Wonder Lane – I kid you not! She brought her pet, a 1-year old wallaby named JAK, and he escaped his harness and bounded away.
He’s been spotted here and there in the neighboring area. I’m wondering if anyone thought he was the Easter Bunny!
photo by Victius. Some rights reserved.

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DisneyNature OCEANS – coming on Earth Day 2010

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DisneyNature’s freshman offering, entitled EARTH, was comprised largely of regurgitated footage from the highly acclaimed BBC series Planet Earth. I’ve found the DVD of the complete BBC series to be a worthy investment, and I’ve watched each episode several times. Naturally, I’ve studied the trailer for this next installment, and a lot of it looks familiar. Therefore, I’m more excited about the soundtrack! There’s some nifty background music going on in that trailer, and lacking a soundtrack disc available for purchase as yet, there’s some discussion and searching going on at the AdTunes forums (I haunt that place – TV commercial tunes are my new obsession hobby). (aside: I would have LOVED to have been there when that HUGE whale jumped out of the water – you’ll see it at the end of the trailer!)
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Oh, Tink *~*~* – not gorillas AGAIN?!?!?

IMG_3128-WDW-DAK-gorilla-daddyWell, I have been writing about ’em lately, haven’t I? 😉 Which is why this article in The Daily Disney caught my eye, I guess. I have to admit that it gives me a warm-fuzzy to know that useful research is conducted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – useful not for the human race but for the animals themselves! The gorillas who live on the Pangani Trail in Harambe have been trained to cooperate in the taking of images of their hearts without the use of sedatives. This is useful because silverbacks are known to have heart problems later in life. Therefore, anything that can be learned without putting the animals through an unnecessary procedure is alright in my book! Oh and the other bonus of reading this article is that there are “related links” on the top right of the page. If you are a baby animal enthusiast, you will see lots to explore here.

That’s it for TINK’S *~*~* LINKS this week – hope you’ve enjoyed 🙂

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