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Obligatory “Mickey In The Sky” shot

Obligatory "Mickey In The Sky" shot, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Just walked into Studios and I have a question for you. There were three teen boys on the opposite side of the (utterly theatrical and totally useless) bag check. They were all asked to take out their cameras and show them outside the bag, and one was asked to empty his bag entirely. Meanwhile, I am an adult female loaded down with electronics and I breezed through. Do you think this is age profiling at work? And if so, do you think it’s ok? Is it more ok than racial profiling? Why or why not? Not trying to start a war but I am curious. BTW, bag checker was black and female and maybe in her 40s; boys were all white. Just to completely describe the players.

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All kinds of Disney stuff happening in my Facebook News Feed lately. Disney news is popping up in the oddest places – check it out!

Disney aiming to establish technology standards for web-connected toys

So… how do you feel about kids having internet access through their toys? Even more controversial – how do you feel about the internet having access to your child through their toys? Do you feel better about it, knowing that Disney is going to have a hand in developing the standards that would govern such technology being included in the playthings used by children? I think the biggest issue with this is that there don’t seem to be laws that would enforce the adoption of such standards. Therefore, adoption of the standards, in whole or in part, would be entirely voluntary, which in my mind renders the standards sort of useless… Ultimately, I think it’s up to parents to decided if they want their kids ordinary playthings to increase their “always connected” -ness or not.

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IMG_5374-WDW-DAK-RafikiI followed a link in my FB News Feed to Wired.com and found the following articles totally by accident –

Disney World As Edutainment

A dad waxes geekish on the educational opportunities that abound at all four Disney World parks in Orlando. He calls out the World Showcase and the salt water aquarium in EPCOT, Indiana Jones in Hollywood Studios, Conservation Station in the Animal Kingdom and The Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom.

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Review: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Now that his youngest kid is 5 years old, this dad has a little time to play video games again – and what better than a family-friendly Disney game? I’ve never played this game, but he seems REALLY happy with it – not only because it’s a good game but because he’s getting back to something he liked to do before the kids AND he can share it with his kids. Full of WIN πŸ™‚

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A Geek Dad’s Disney World Observations

Final offering from Wired – yet another “GeekDad”, a Canadian, shares his humorous observations about the Disney World experience after spending 14 nights at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort (love me some POR!). I’m shocked to discover how much he says Disney wanted to charge him for a six-pack of Corona – surely he’s gotta be speaking in Canadian dollars, eh?

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Lightning McQueen at the Studios

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This week, it’s been 2 years since I joined Ruby Tuesday, a photo meme hosted by Mary at Work of the Poet. To commemorate the occasion, here’s my first-ever Ruby Tuesday post – from June 24th, 2008! OH – and I have since seen this film, and I believe the cute little red car’s name is Lightning McQueen πŸ™‚

Lightning McQueen at Disney's Hollywood StudiosHey, guess what? I lied to you guys yesterday, but I didn’t mean to. I forgot that it was going to be Tuesday today, and I did not intend to continue Flower & Garden Festival stuff because it is my very first RUBY Tuesday! I found out about it from The Teach – in fact, I think she might be the inventor and sole proprietor of Ruby Tuesday.

So here’s my first contribution. I believe this car was one of the stars of Pixar’s film called – wait for it! – Cars. But I am not 100% sure about that, because I have never seen the film.

There’s lots of other nifty red stuff in the background, too. This photo was taken at Disney-MGM Disney’s Hollywood Studios on the morning of May 26th 2008.

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