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What “storybook” theme would YOU like to experience in your Disney resort room?

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IMG_0050-Port-Orleans-French-Quarter-bedspread🙂 First, they built a luxury suite right INSIDE of Cinderella’s Castle. Then, just when we thought things couldn’t get any cooler, they let a family stay overnight in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion (I wonder what THAT was like? I bet there were lots of things going bump in THAT night!). Now, The Daily Disney (Orlando Sentinel) reports that Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”-themed hotel rooms have been such a raging success, there are plans underway to renovate more space across Walt Disney World into resort accommodations with “storybook” themes.

IMG_0819-WDW-Yacht-Club-ShipwreckLet’s see – what other films could Disney use to create themed rooms?

  1. The Princess and the Frog – imagine a Princess Tiana section at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort. Let’s have Mardi Gras, every day! They could give the restaurant a make-over, transforming it into the one that Tiana built. They could even arrange to deliver you to your resort via river boat (no I am not suggesting they bring the Empress Lily out of retirement LOL).
  2. The Swiss Family Robinson – do up the Treehouse Villas a la Swiss Family Robinson. Hammocks for beds! A shipwreck in the canal for the kids to play on! Wait, we’ve got one of those already – it’s part of Stormalong Bay at the Yacht and Beach Club. Well, on the other hand, we won’t find dangerous, machete-wielding natives anywhere else but the Polynesian (have you ever seen what they use to cut the meat at Ohana?). Ok, clearly I need to think about this one a little more…. maybe the Swiss Family resort package includes resort hopping – yeah, that’s the ticket! 😉
  3. 02-19-08_1439

  4. The Incredibles – we need a futuristic environment for this. Therefore, I think they should create an Incredibles-themed block of rooms at the Contemporary (remember Mrs Incredible dangling from the “monorail” tracks?)
  5. Song of the South – the countrified whimsy of Splash Mountain, where the critters from Song of the South live, would fit in nicely at Port Orleans Riverside. Part of the resort package could be a free, length-of-stay FastPass to for that attraction. Can you imagine how popular that would be, especially in the heat of the summer?

OK, your turn – What “storybook” theme would YOU like to experience in your Disney resort room?

Article: Disney turns to storybook themes to fill hotel rooms

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Cruising the Sassagoula River

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We’re taking a cruise down the Sassagoula! All aboard the river boat, and let’s see where it takes us.


The Sassagoula is a man-made waterway that connects several Disney resorts with Village Lake, around which Downtown Disney and the Saratoga Springs resort are clustered. Guests can embark from Port Orleans Riverside, Port Orleans French Quarter, Old Key West or Saratoga Springs to get to one of the other resorts or to Downtown Disney.


Guests are transported to and fro in blue and yellow flat-bottomed river boats. There are actually three routes – one for the Port Orleans resorts, one that services Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, and one that taxis guests back and forth between two Downtown Disney docks (the West Side and the Marketplace). The boats play a soothing mix of instrumental-only Disney tunes, many of them having to do with boats and waterways. It’s not unusual to hear Just Around The Riverbend from Pocahontas followed by Candle on the Water from Pete’s Dragon.


Aside from going back and forth between Downtown Disney and the resorts, you can also resort-hop. Over the years, I have read the same question over and over on many internet boards – “What can we do at Walt Disney World that’s FREE?“. Well, you can take a trip on the Sassagoula River! For instance, you can park at Downtown Disney and hop aboard the boat that goes up to Port Orleans Riverside. You can get off there, take a stroll around the scenic grounds, grab a bite to eat at the Riverside Mill food court or even go shopping at the market. There’s also a table service restaurant called Boatwright’s Dining Hall.


Suppose you prefer the ambiance of historic New Orleans – in that case, make your stop at Port Orleans French Quarter. This is a small, quaint resort styled after “the Big Easy”, featuring authentic Mardi Gras theming, beautifully landscaped “neighborhoods”, and humorous street signs. If you stop to have lunch at the Sassagoula Floatworks, be sure to have the chicken Caesar salad – my family really loves it, but if you are calorie conscious or just don’t like your salad drowned, be sure to ask for the dressing on the side.


I’ve stayed at the French Quarter a few times, and during one of those trips, one of my co-workers and his wife were also in Orlando, staying at the Old Key West resort. So one afternoon I set out on the river boats to go and visit them. As mentioned, there are several different routes; Old Key West and the French Quarter are not on the same route, so it’s necessary to change boats at Downtown Disney. The boat dock is right near the Rainforest Cafe, within sight of the Saratoga Springs resort across the lake. I didn’t have a long wait at all, and before I knew it, the Old Key West boat arrived to take me the rest of the way to my destination. It probably would have been faster to drive, but it would not have been nearly as pretty or relaxing!


The trip along the river is very pleasant and uneventful except for the occasional “water mouse” that speeds by. “Water mice” are little, two-person boats you can rent at Port Orleans Riverside, Downtown Disney and various other places throughout Walt Disney World. Once we docked at Old Key West, I walked a short way up to a bench outside the restaurant, called Olivia’s, to wait for my friends. As you can see, it was autumn when these photos were taken; Olivia’s is all decked out with cornstalks, hay stacks, and pumpkins. But the pastel pinks, greens, blues and yellows that cover the resort buildings are definitely designed to evoke the sub-tropical “old Florida” atmosphere of Key West.

I hope you enjoyed our trip up and down the Sassagoula River today. Remember, if you are ever in Orlando and looking to kill a few hours just relaxing, consider climbing aboard one of these charming boats and touring the resorts that are “just around the riverbend”.

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RED Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

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Yesterday we took a look at one of the standard rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter resort, and I showed you a “Hidden Mickey” in the bedspread. Today, in honor of Ruby Tuesday, we’ll take a look at the red upholstered chair. I bet you think that you can see the “Hidden Mickey’s on this chair, huh?


Surprise, surprise, surprise – there are even more than you thought there were!


I vaguely remember a Cast Member telling me that there are hundreds of “Hidden Mickeys” in each room at Port Orleans French Quarter. I think it was the captain of one of the boats that takes people between the Port Orleans resorts and Downtown Disney. I’m trying to verify this by asking around at some of the Disney forums out there on the interwebz – I’m sure someone else must have heard the same story that I have.

Or… maybe YOU know! Did you hear that story too – that there are hundreds of Hidden Mickeys in each room at Port Orleans French Quarter? Who told you? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

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IMG_0935-Port-Orleans-French-Quarter-RoomThat’s right folks – I’m going for it again! It’s the “Monday Meme Trifecta” – Manic Monday, Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday.

Isn’t this a nice room? This is a typical room at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter resort in Orlando, Florida, and there’s an awful lot of blue and yellow going on. The walls of the main room are a pale blue with a blue border around the top, while the walls of the dressing area are pale yellow. The artwork on the wall has shades of blue and yellow, too.

IMG_0937-Port-Orleans-French-Quarter-RoomIn the previous photo, you’ll notice that the curtain for the dressing area is a golden yellow. In this photo, we can see that the drapes at the front window of the room are a brilliant blue. There are two queen-sized beds in the room (you Manic people thought I was going to say FULL-sized, didn’t you? 😉 Fooled ya!). They are covered with quilts that have scenes from Mardi Gras on them. Each quilt has a pale yellow field upon which the scenes are set, and there’s a lot of blue going on as well. But wait, what’s this I see?

IMG_0050-Port-Orleans-French-Quarter-bedspreadThe quilts are actually FULL of Hidden Mickeys! This is just one instance, where you can see that one of the Mardi Gras beads is shaped like a Mickey head (in case you could not find it for yourself, I’ve inserted a handy arrow pointing to it). As I recall, there were depictions of balloons and I think even lamp posts in the shape of Mickey heads, too.

Well, it looks like I’ve done it again – got the blue, got the yellow, got something FULL. I wonder how long before I run out of blue and yellow pics that match the Manic prompt? Stay tuned to find out on the next chapter of the Monday Meme Trifecta! 😀

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