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Walt Disney World Dolphin resort decor

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After checking Manic Monday’s page, I have discovered that the prompt is NOT “UP”! I could have sworn I saw a tweet on Friday that said it was “UP”. It does actually say that –

“~ the theme word for 5/31 is up ~ http://bit.ly/Zr5XM Have a wonderful weekend!

Well, I never followed the link – I just read that “the word for 5/31 is up” and I assumed that the words was up! But I think Mo might have meant that it was posted and I should have followed the link to see that the word is actually “memorial”.

Anyhow, I guess I don’t have the trifecta this week after all, because I have the wrong word. And I was SO excited to use my yellow and blue elevator-that-goes-UP stuff. Well you know what, I’m just going to let it ride. And next time, I’ll follow the link!


I’m back! After a few week’s worth of hiatus, I have returned to participate in the “Monday Meme Trifecta. Manic Monday tells us the prompt is “UP”. As always, the prompts for Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday are blue and yellow, respectively. Have I got blue and yellow to show you!

This is the lobby of the Walt Disney World Dolphin resort, where I stayed the week before last. I have stayed here zillions of time and did not really notice the decor in the elevator banks until this trip. The tile, the art work and walls are all sprinkled with a healthy dose of blue and yellow.


The lobby at the Walt Disney World Dolphin resort in Orlando, Florida is actually a rotunda, lined on the outside with shops, exits, the front desk and concierge, the escalators down to the restaurants and pool, and three elevator banks – East, West and Central. I found this blue and yellow painting hanging at the entrance to the East elevators.


Here’s a close-up sample of the floor tiles and the walls. Love that “mojave” colored tile – makes the blue ones “pop” (don’t I sound like I watch HGTV? 😉 ). Also love the trim detail on the walls that separates the blue from the yellow.


See, even the elevator is decorated inside with blue and yellow! And of course, and elevator goes UP, so we’ve got the Trifecta once again (deafening roar of approval from the crowd 😉 )

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