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How to catch a snook at sunset

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IMG_3916A few weeks ago, I went shelling at Blind Pass around sunset. The tide was pretty low, and people were able to wade knee-high into the Pass. I stood on the Sanibel side and was interested in some kids who were playing on the jetty over on the Captiva side – fishing, horsing around, one of them striking a fencing pose with his fishing pole.

All the while, there was a guy in the Pass casting and reeling, casting and reeling. His friend kept encouraging him, even though he wasn’t getting anything. Suddenly, he had a bite! Instead of focusing on the kid, I focused on the Fishing Dude. When he finally reeled it in, he called to his friend, “Man I wish I had a camera!”

“Hey, over here!” I hollered from the shore. “I’ve got a camera!” Whereupon the Fishing Dude held his snook aloft like a trophy and I took the shot.

After they’d clambered out of the water, I asked for Fishing Dude’s email address so I could get the photos to him somehow. I ended up putting them into a set on my Flickr account and sending him the link.

Here’s that set of photos in slide show format, untouched – I didn’t even put a watermark on them, in case Fishing Dude wanted to download any of them. Hope you all enjoy!

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