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EPCOT Canada Mystery Shoes ARE BACK!

You probably can’t see them bobbing around on the lower left of the pool,but I can – look for a lugged sole, like a hiking boot or sneaker has. I took some video with my camera zoomed in – will find out tonight if that worked. In the meantime, if anyone can tell me the mystery of the shoes in EPCOT’s Canada pavilion, I’ll be your best friend.

Shout out to the Mooses – O, Canada!

I am headed to the falls to see if I can spot the mystery shoes bobbing around in the water. I still haven’t been told what the shoes signify or why they are there. Apparently, this is privileged information, disseminated only to those who have worked at EPCOT’s Canada pavilion. Let’s go look….

Color, color everywhere! At EPCOT

Every now and then while walking around the Flower and Garden Festival, you get a whiff of something and do an impression of the dog in UP! – "Squirrel!" – swinging your head this way and that, so you can find the source if your olfactory delight. Marigolds are factoring in heavily, with magnolia close behind.

Special delivery from FIGMENT!

Special delivery from FIGMENT!, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

He’s apparently taped to a remote control car, which then transports him around delivering Mickey stickers to guests. This was #3 on my fabulous cast member hit parade thus far today.

Right now, I am both thirsty and hungry. Where should I go for lunch?

OH! It’s Cinco de Mayo! πŸ™‚

Orlando Do-Over: Day 3, explorations in EPCOT

This is the SEVENTH in a series of β€œdo-over” posts that are being created to make up for the mobile blogging errors that occurred during my last trip to Orlando.


The “pearly gates” of Disney. Day 3 started out with a few hours of work; income is a good thing, as it supports the Disney habit, so I’m not complaining! On my way to EPCOT, I hopped off I4 at Apopka-Vineland Road. There’s a Starbucks there πŸ™‚ After getting my treat (I was a good little worker bee, so I deserved a treat, right?), I purposely passed the entrance, made a U-turn, and doubled back so I could stop at the light and get this picture (above) before turning into Disney property. This is “Pearly Gates, Jr.”.


No parking mojo at Disney. The parking mojo was not too terrible; Discover 13 isn’t bad at all. It could be far worse. To be honest, I don’t really think parking mojo applies at Disney World. They’re so busy telling you where to park, it’s unlikely that mojo will have a chance to exert itself. Still, this was not terrible.


It’s a blue sky Disney day. Ah, look at that blue, blue sky! Yes, it really IS that color. Those are jacaranda trees to the left, which grow just before Spaceship Earth/the geosphere. Next time I come back, which will be in May (conference/credits to maintain my professional certification), the jacaranda will will hopefully be in bloom. Spring came mighty early this year – I’m going to guess that everything is about three weeks ahead of schedule, all up and down the Eastern states. I’m hoping that the jacaranda will wait for me!


Jiminy Cricket! I was not in any particular hurry on this day, so I just adopted a meandering, vague touring style. First stop – a browse through The Art Of Disney store, just to the side of Spaceship Earth, where I saw this cute little Jiminy Cricket figurine.


Croc encounter. Next, I popped into Mouse Gear across the plaza, where I encountered the strangest pair of Crocs I’ve ever seen. It’s got a canvas upper, like a regular loafer, but the foot bed is pure Crocs. Weird!


EPCOT’s snapdragon sea. After a satisfying browse through Mouse Gear (I want it noted: I have been in two stores full of Disney merchandise so far, and purchased NOTHING!), I became interested in examining EPCOT for signs of Flower and Garden Festival preparations. It’s rare that I’m in the Disney parks when there is NOT some sort of festival or celebration going on, so the entrance was looking a bit spare to me. I wanted signs of festivular activity! The first thing I encountered was a sea of snapdragons. They were quite impressive!


EPCOT flower power. Just beyond the snapdragon sea, near the entrance to the Rose Walk, the flower power landscape of EPCOT was taking shape. The display on this side of the lagoon was pristine and orderly – and it smelled divine! It boggles the mind to think of how many pansies were painstakingly started, seed by seed, to become this magical landscape.


EPCOT’s hard hat mystery men. I came upon a section that was partitioned off by a marching row of vegetation. Peering through a space in the wall, I spied a small knot of men in hard hats and safety vests, conferring seriously with one another. Who could they be, and what could they be talking about, hidden there behind the shrubbery?

NEXT TIME: The hard hat men revealed, and epicuriosity in EPCOT!

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Review: by-the-slice pizza at EPCOT’s Via Napoli

Don’t do it. If I had any free hands, this would have gotten a big thumbs DOWN. However, it is raining on and off and no one has been by to squeegee the outdoor tables. Not wishing to put my plate down in a puddle, I took cover in that alcove near the stairs with the lady’s head on the bannister.

The "crust" – and I use that term loosely, since there isn’t anything remotely "crusty" about it – is bready, which is typical of Sicilian-style pizza. Neapolitan-style pizza does not seem to be available at the window. Since there’s nothing crispy going on anywhere on this thing, the "crust" is a FAIL. If you were expecting more than half a teaspoon of tomato sauce (I was), then you will be disappointed. The cheese at least is pretty fresh.

They are clearly making the take out window pizza on the cheap – VERY cheap. I won’t be doing this again unless someone – ok MANY someones tell me that it has improved.


Pixar’s 25th Anniversary Weekend

We picked up maps and brochures at EPCOT last night for Pixar’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. I just remembered they were in my"safari" bag, so I’m going to check it out while riding to the park. looks like there will be country-appropriate character meets around the World Showcase and some Pixar animators holding speaker sessions.