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Never accept coffee from a mouse

Never accept coffee from a mouse, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

Disney coffee is legendary for being pretty much uniformly dreadful. Therefore, as cute and ingenious as Wire Servant Mickey seems to be, DON’T DO IT. They brew Starbucks at the Swan and Dolphin, just a short boat ride away. Just sayin’ !!!

The sun is unrelenting, so I’m going for a browse through MouseGear to stay cool; will let you know if I find anything interesting!

Watching Illuminations from the gazebo in Mexico is a cluster #epcot

People shoving themselves and their kids between the tables at the rails. People seated beyond the rails who were apparently expecting to remain seated while watching are pissed off. And don’t tell me your kid got to be five and you didn’t know she screams and cries and covers her ears. People are heartless.

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Nanaimo Bar at Epcot Food and Wine Festival gets the listing thumb

We’re back at the banana daiquiri memorial trash can, sampling the thing that Mari Mari Quite Contrary told me to taste. It gets the listing thumb because I’m sacrificing myself to the cholesterol gods (the custard layer) for relatively little sweetness in return. It’s good, just expected it to be sweeter. Upside – I can hear Off Kilter loud and clear 🙂

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@RottenMom Spanakopita and maybe a glass of Atlantis white…

shout out to fellow blogger Denise, who told me to taste Greek food. also to Michele with "*1L", who was there the night we ate spanakopita and my banana daiquiri committed suicide (it’s on this blog somewhere – search for it!)

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Too bad they’re not giving away the bottles with the beer! #epcot

I would have ordered the Fischer Amber just for the the bottle – it’s just like a Grolsch bottle I have in my possession that was given to me over 30 years ago by someone I was fond of. ah memories! Onward – speaking of nostalgia, gonna try and see Captain Eo.

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@briswann Told Me What To Taste! #disney #wdw

@briswann said to have the frozen cherri Bacardi concoction at the Puerto Rico kiosk here at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival. I could drink these all day! also liked the sandwich – it saved me from becoming completely sloshed at the tequila tasting!

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