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RED Stuff from out and about today

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RED Stuff From Out And About Today

(a Ruby Tuesday post)

12082008488-Price-of-Gas-Ft-Myers-FL-12-08-2008I had to go to the doctor today to get something that will kill this evil sinus infection from hell. On the way back, I stopped to look at the price of gas – would you look at this? If it keeps falling like this, could we possibly hit double digits any time soon? The sign just happened to be printed red.

12072008475-Tampa-Bay-Bucs-logo-PublixI headed to my local Publix supermarket, to get my prescription from the doctor filled. In the vestibule where all the shopping carts are stored hangs this poster depicting the logo for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team. Football is definitely bigger in Florida than it was on Long Island; in fact, it may actually qualify as the state religion of Florida.

12072008484-Publix-Pharmacy-Decorated-for-ChristmasAh, there’s my target – the Publix Pharmacy. I’ve got to fill this here prescription for a Z-pak full of anti-biotic goodness. Doesn’t Publix look pretty? They go rather berserk with it all – there are wrapped “gifts” and cute penguins in Santa hats strewn on the shelves and garlands of paper candy canes arching over the ends of the aisles. Very festive!

12082008494-Box-and-card-from-AlaskaWhen I got home, I went to collect the mail from the mailbox and spied a package sitting at the front door. I could not imagine who it was from, but braved the perils of the wasps (yes, they are at it AGAIN, but that’s another story for another day) to go collect it. Much to my surprise, it was from Alaska! I’d forgotten that Gayle had asked me for my snail mail address – I provided it, and then promptly put it out of my mind. Oooo, gifty-treats! I wonder what it is?

12082008496-Card-From-AlaskaInside the card with the deranged chihuahua on the front is some of the prettiest handwriting I’ve ever seen. Here’s part of the note from Gayle – whatever is inside the box is directed at the “Sanibel Crawlers” – that’s me, Gary, Tootie and the Snowbirds. I reach in and start pulling out small objects wrapped in newspapers…

12082008501-Booty-From-Alaska-Bar-Crawling-AidsOh, too cool – we each get our very own shot glass – booty from Alaska, with mooses on them (yes I know that the plural of “moose” is “moose” but I like saying “mooses” – it’s kinda like “operculii”, ok?).

So, Crawlers – here’s what I’m envisioning. We all take our Alaskan shot glasses on the next crawl with us, and have the bartender make a pitcher of… something. Kamikazes? And we’ll drink to our blogger friend Gayle in Alaska. Sound like a plan?

Oh and I’m looking forward to reading the newspaper from Alaska, too! 😉

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