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iMophie loves me! <3

Mophie loves me! , originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

As a mobile blogger, I use a lot of phone juice. I was initially concerned about tales of poor battery life with the iPhone 4S. With previous phones, I’d been able to carry extra charged batteries and swap them out as needed. Well, you cannot remove an iPhone battery, so you’re basically stuck using up whatever it has to offer, and then you have to find a way to recharge.

I was not too happy to be walking around EPCOT last week with my phone in one hand and the portable charging device in the other. Meanwhile, my touring partners the the “badelves” had an extended battery case in THEIR phone and experienced none of the mobilus bloggus interruptus that I was experiencing.

I surmised that for the iPhone too, there must be a better way, so I took to the interwebz and selected Mophie Juice Pack
, a case that charges your iPhone. I will be playing with it for a while and will report back my findings.

I like Mophie already, because when you unbox the device, you get an inspirational message :). Stay tuned!

iPhone 4S battery usage report (so far)

In the photo you can see how
I am dealing thus far. Today was the first full day of mobile blogging with the new phone and a few friends have tweeted to ask me how it is going.

I took 112 photos so far today, 21 of which were emailed to Flickr/my blog. This was between maybe 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. Then I noticed two things: I was hungry and the iPhone battery only had 30% left. I stopped to eat and plugged the Energi To Go thing in. It’s the $20 model. It gave me another 30% to continue. I left DAK just before the parade to come to EPCOT. The phone was around 58%. I plugged both the phone and the Energi thing into the car charger. In time it took to drive to EPCOT and type this, I got back to 93%. I don’t know how the little Energi brick is doing because the indicator is either red or green and right now it is still red. Maybe I need the $59 Energi model. But overall I am ok with today’s performance.

If you take a lot of pics with your iPhone or use a lot of apps, and you do not drive around WDW then you will need a big Energi brick or other extra power source.

My Mobile Adventures *~*~* Gets Facelift; Woody’s A Witness

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Anyone who has ever worked under the hood on a website will get this.
So, someone brings a technical glitch-type problem to my attention, and off I go, under the hood to investigate. I try a bunch of things and post to a forum I know of for help and ultimately figure out that the theme I’m using doesn’t support what they all agree I need to do in order to fix the problem.

Now, I’ve been meaning to re-theme My Mobile Adventures *~*~* for quite some time; I’ve wanted more of a magazine look and feel, but other stuff always seems to get prioritized over “re-theme website”. As if by magic Continue Reading…

Tink’s *~*~* Links: Disney in my FB News Feed!

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All kinds of Disney stuff happening in my Facebook News Feed lately. Disney news is popping up in the oddest places – check it out!

Disney aiming to establish technology standards for web-connected toys

So… how do you feel about kids having internet access through their toys? Even more controversial – how do you feel about the internet having access to your child through their toys? Do you feel better about it, knowing that Disney is going to have a hand in developing the standards that would govern such technology being included in the playthings used by children? I think the biggest issue with this is that there don’t seem to be laws that would enforce the adoption of such standards. Therefore, adoption of the standards, in whole or in part, would be entirely voluntary, which in my mind renders the standards sort of useless… Ultimately, I think it’s up to parents to decided if they want their kids ordinary playthings to increase their “always connected” -ness or not.

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IMG_5374-WDW-DAK-RafikiI followed a link in my FB News Feed to Wired.com and found the following articles totally by accident –

Disney World As Edutainment

A dad waxes geekish on the educational opportunities that abound at all four Disney World parks in Orlando. He calls out the World Showcase and the salt water aquarium in EPCOT, Indiana Jones in Hollywood Studios, Conservation Station in the Animal Kingdom and The Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom.

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Review: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Now that his youngest kid is 5 years old, this dad has a little time to play video games again – and what better than a family-friendly Disney game? I’ve never played this game, but he seems REALLY happy with it – not only because it’s a good game but because he’s getting back to something he liked to do before the kids AND he can share it with his kids. Full of WIN 🙂

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A Geek Dad’s Disney World Observations

Final offering from Wired – yet another “GeekDad”, a Canadian, shares his humorous observations about the Disney World experience after spending 14 nights at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort (love me some POR!). I’m shocked to discover how much he says Disney wanted to charge him for a six-pack of Corona – surely he’s gotta be speaking in Canadian dollars, eh?

This has been another

too-exciting-for-your-own-good episode of

Tink’s *~*~* Links 😉

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Tink’s *~*~* Links: Swamps, secrets and Sedona

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Disney quietly working on $1 billion-plus “next generation” technology project

It’s a story after my own, geeky heart. The Orlando Sentinel’s Daily Disney blog reports the existence of a sooper seekrit high tech initiative to incorporate a great deal more wireless technology across the spectrum of the Walt Disney World experience, including the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. Enshrouded in confidentiality agreements and references to “next generation” technology, there are definitely pluses and minuses to any application of this technology you can think of as it relates to theme park resorts. The minuses give me much food for thought. It boils down to an essential question:
QUESTION: Will Disney’s Guests be OK with the use of technology that enhances their experience, but also tracks their every move, all day long?
Come and leave a comment, let me know what you think.

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Upcoming Mobile Adventures!

Corkscrew-Swamp-MapCorkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Naples Southwest Florida
Date: unknown!
We got rained out last Sunday – and I mean it practically MONSOONED, so we were grateful we’d had the good sense to call it off. Unfortunately, it looks like it might rain again this Sunday too; as of right now, there’s only a 20% chance, but that could change over the next couple of days. And seriously, who wants to be in a SWAMP when it’s pouring? 😀 So you can see why I’m not precisely sure when I’ll get to this Southwest Florida attraction – which is run by Audubon, by the way – but I WILL get to it! One of the “ghost orchids” bloomed down there last month, and April is typical for ghost orchid blooms, so I’m hoping to be in the right place at the right time to see it. I know I want to get there before Florida becomes hell-hot. Can’t go the following weekend, because I’ve got another adventure planned for then…

IMG00501-WDW-gates-on-the-roadLe Petite Moose Meet
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Dates: Saturday 4/24 – Sunday 4/25
Yes, you are correct – those are the “pearly gates” and I’m going to Disney World! Last month we were there at just the beginning of the Flower and Garden Festival; not everything was assembled yet, and more importantly, the magnolias were not yet in bloom! So I need to get my fix. But the most important thing is that a small (hence “petite”) herd of “mooses” will be converging upon Walt Disney World that weekend. The “mooses” are a clan of Disney-lovin’ folk who met on the internet initially but now all that internet stuff is just filler between play dates at The World. Look for people like @DisneyMoose and @badelves and her family to be tweeting and blogging along with me. I think we’re going to have a blast!

MOBILE BLOGGING happens with unique content in three different places:

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I love visitors – drop by and say hi anytime!

Oh, and PS to http://pleaserobme.com/ – don’t bother. I have an impressive alarm system, two attack dogs and a fire-breathing dragon at the front door. :p

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Big Thunder Trivia

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Here’s an interesting piece of “Walt Trivia” that I found this week, again in the Daily Disney. Apparently, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction reflects more than just one of Walt’s personal fascinations. We all know about his love of trains – how he worked one summer selling newspapers on a railroad, and how he grew up to build the Carolwood Pacific Railroad in his back yard when he lived in California. Well, not only are trains incorporated into the Big Thunder attraction, but the attraction itself was allegedly inspired by the time when Walt Disney had owned a home in the vicinity of Sedona’s red rocks. In fact, there’s a rock whose official name is Capitol Butte, but people now call it Thunder Mountain in honor of the Disney attraction.
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That’s it for TINK’S *~*~* LINKS this week – hope you’ve enjoyed 🙂

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POST SCRIPT: I was googling around for a picture to go with the “Walt Trivia” piece. I searched PicApp for “submarine rock” and much to my surprise, I saw that familiar, three-orb silhouette. I never expected to get this “Hidden Mickey” photo out of “submarine rock”!. I have NO idea who or what that is behind Ringo and George, but I’m grateful because I needed to laugh and laugh and laugh like that 🙂

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03/13/2010 – This is a test of PixelPipe to the blog.

Oh it did let me insert an image but it inserted the image BEFORE the audio, which actually came first. OK, let’s see what happens…

03/13/2010 – This is a test of PixelPipe to the blog.

This is the audio piece. Listen to it for details… Oh wait, looks like I can add a picture to this post!

03/13/2010 – A Moose I Met In Canada

This is a moose I met in the Canadian pavilion at EPCOT. Love me some Canadia! 😉