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Spooked each other in Lakes Park

Spooked each other in Lakes Park, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

Came trundling up the bridge on my morning run, and who do you suppose swooped in low before me? He came to rest on the rail and allowed me to take his photo. He kept a watchful eye on me as I thanked him and passed. The stop was worth ruining my time this morning (dipping down into the low 14:xx minute mile nowadays).

Visitor At A Southwest Florida Pond

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JULY 19TH, 2010 – 6:42 pm: I’d just been entertaining a passel of friends for a long weekend of hanging out and reminiscing. Now they were all going home. Made the last airport run of the day and came back to the house, only to find a new visitor had arrived and was stalking a meal out in the back yard. Ran for my camera, by which time he’d moved a couple of yards over.


He didn’t much like it when I stepped off the lanai. He proceeded to fluff himself up indignantly and stalk down the bank of the pond (probably muttering, “damned paparazzi!”).


OCTOBER 9TH, 2010 – 4:20 PM: I saw him quite a bit throughout the rest of the summer, but had a pretty hard time getting him to show me his best side. It seems he’s extraordinarily reticent (I’m trying to be nice here – I think he might actually be a snob).


As always, the minute I stepped off the lanai, there he went. Here’s a shining example of his exit strategy – he just shows me his tail feathers!


OCTOBER 10TH, 2010 – 6:27 PM: The back of the house faces precisely west, and the setting sun glaring off the pond can be unbearable – and very warm! This is where plantation shutters come in handy. I moved to the French doors to shutter them and when I glanced out, our visitor was poised and still, silhouetted against the water’s glare in the setting sun. Whatcha lookin’ at, Mr. Visitor?


“Dinner,” came the reply as he casually speared his. The plump, hapless focus of his attention quivered and then was still.

He swallowed it whole 😯

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