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The incredible, non-melting snowman of Hogsmeade

You too can have your photo taken with the incredible non-melting snowman of Hogsmeade. But first, several dozen people must cross in front of you, pretending to duck in a grand but ineffective show of consideration that isn’t sufficient to avoid getting their head in your picture.

Boughs of holly adorn Zonko’s

Boughs of holly adorn Zonko’s, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

This is definitely a better time to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter than Halloween was! I can actually walk into the shops without waiting in a queue. Here we go into Zonko’s…

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Butterbeer does not disappoint!

Butterbeer does not disappoint!, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

I could not make a habit of this because it is too sweet – but it’s a fine once-in-a-while treat. i would like to try a frozen one at some point, too.

I heard a woman on line disparaging the pumpkin juice, so now I’m-a-skeered to try it.

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