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VIDEO: #epcot30 Illuminations

A special edition of ILLUMINATIONS: REFLECTIONS OF EARTH was presented at EPCOT in Walt Disney World on the evening of that theme park’s 30the anniversary on October 1st 2012. Here is some really, REALLY primitive video of the event. The show ran 18 minutes long with the extra tribute fireworks, which reverberated in the ears and chest, and scared the heck out of the local flock of ducks (at about 17 minutes, 41 seconds, you’ll see a few of them leaving). We had the EXCELLENT harvest moon alongside the show too, dancing in and out of clouds that flashed frequently with heat lightning. It was nice of Disney to arrange that for us 😉 Hope you all enjoy.

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Photo Friday: Gathering

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I quite forgot about “Photo Friday”, since I’m not really into the routine of it yet. This week’s prompt is GATHERING, and I’m offering a photo of folks “gathered” down by the lagoon in the World Showcase at EPCOT to view Illuminations, the nightly fireworks spectacular. Illuminations is all about GATHERING together and telling stories, about communicating the story of US, of humankind. As the narrator puts it each night –

“Good evening, on behalf of Walt Disney World, the place where dreams come true, we welcome all of you to Epcot and World Showcase. We’ve gathered here tonight, around the fire, as people of all lands have gathered for thousands and thousands of years before us; to share the light and to share a story. An amazing story, as old as time itself but still being written. And though each of us has our own individual stories to tell, a true adventure emerges when we bring them all together as one. We hope you enjoy our story tonight; Reflections of Earth.”


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Watching Illuminations from the gazebo in Mexico is a cluster #epcot

People shoving themselves and their kids between the tables at the rails. People seated beyond the rails who were apparently expecting to remain seated while watching are pissed off. And don’t tell me your kid got to be five and you didn’t know she screams and cries and covers her ears. People are heartless.

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