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Review: by-the-slice pizza at EPCOT’s Via Napoli

Don’t do it. If I had any free hands, this would have gotten a big thumbs DOWN. However, it is raining on and off and no one has been by to squeegee the outdoor tables. Not wishing to put my plate down in a puddle, I took cover in that alcove near the stairs with the lady’s head on the bannister.

The "crust" – and I use that term loosely, since there isn’t anything remotely "crusty" about it – is bready, which is typical of Sicilian-style pizza. Neapolitan-style pizza does not seem to be available at the window. Since there’s nothing crispy going on anywhere on this thing, the "crust" is a FAIL. If you were expecting more than half a teaspoon of tomato sauce (I was), then you will be disappointed. The cheese at least is pretty fresh.

They are clearly making the take out window pizza on the cheap – VERY cheap. I won’t be doing this again unless someone – ok MANY someones tell me that it has improved.


Via Napoli gets three thumbs up

Via Napoli gets three thumbs up, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

We loved our meal. The crust of the pizza was limp except for the "handle" but the flavor was outstanding. We had the family salad first and then a large pizza – half was cheese and the other half a hodge-podge of eggplant, mushroom, artichoke and ham. With a pitcher of sangria, we are VERY happy for $21 each.

Limoncello margarita en Italia (EPCOT) – VERY REFRESHING!

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I smell delicious

I smell delicious, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

The Prada representative was not there so I could not get more samples. Will have to time things better next time

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Time to feed my new EPCOT addiction, which is…

…PRADA! I got some samples when I was here in June, and I’m in love with the stuff!

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Italian perfume shop at EPCOT

Italian perfume shop at EPCOT, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 13 Jun ’09, 3.48pm EDT PST

I am such a perfume ho – I bought a Prada scent made from citrus, jasmine and vanilla, and got a boatload of samples, too!

I’m an Hon. World Showcase Player!

I’m an Hon. World Showcase Player!, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 16 May ’09, 3.29pm EDT PST

. I got picked to be Edna. Debbie got pictures. Will post in future

Romeo & Edna

Romeo & Edna #Disney more on blog, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 16 May ’09, 3.06pm EDT PST

The World Showcase Players are performing Romeo and Edna and they asked us to tweet it, so I am!

Lady and the Tramp in Italia, EPCOT

Lady and the Tramp in Italia, EPCOT, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 14 May ’09, 5.54pm EDT PST

I’ve reached Italy. Battery looking weak… Still raining lightly, and it is SIGNIFICANTLY cooler now, with a lusty wind that wafts the delicious aromas of the Italian perfumes shop all the way into America. I could do some serious damage in that shop… *le sigh*

Wordless, Friday May 23rd 2008

Moon over the Italian Pavilion, EPCOT
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Saturday, February 16th 2008

What is is with me and the moon? I dunno! For those of you who have been there, I’ll tell you where I was standing. You know the courtyard, where the nekkid statue of King Triton holding the sea shell is? I’m standing there, so the moon is over the restaurant. I liked the way the branches looked, all feathery against the twilight blue sky (data on the original photo says 6:00 PM; those sunset shots I posted earlier in the week were taken at 6:08 PM, right after this one).