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Lost scenes from the Jungle Cruise

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🙂 Look, it’s a hippo! He’s either hungry, or else bored….

Sometimes when I’m out and about and taking photos with the camera phone, I’m too busy photographing to mobile blog. I know that sounds strange but consider: can you send email and take pictures with your phone at the same exact time? I can’t. In fact, I’m not sure there’s a camera phone that CAN do that. So if I start emailing, which can take 30-60 seconds depending on the size of the shot, I cannot keep on taking pictures while that’s going on, and sometimes miss a good shot. Therefore, I will sometimes just keep on taking pics and then forget to scroll back and start sending!


That’s what happened with some shots I took on the Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom last week. I just kept snapping and snapping and then when we got off the boat it was off to another adventure and I never sent them. I love the animatronics on the Jungle Cruise -they still look great and some of them are very realistic. I think Disney especially did the hippo and the littler elephants really well.


This isn’t an animatronic anything. It’s part of the stone ruins that you pass before entering the temple. I call her “the goddess”. I’m not even sure why I think this is a “her” – just a hunch, I guess. She’s one of my favorite things in the Magic Kingdom 🙂

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