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Waiter art, and a Darcie Digit

Waiter art, and a Darcie Digit, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

Our waiter drew a hidden mickey on the bill for us. You know you are in a
swank place when, instead of having bus boys, the waiters have "assistants""

After this we hung out in a little lounge for a while which has a balcony
with rocking chairs. Even though it was night, there were some animals out
there – A giraffe (teenager), some wildebeasts and some zebras. Best of
all, we had one another’s company. We giggled a LOT. Loved hanging out
with Darcie again. Was sorry to part from them

Well I slept in this morning, and now I’ve caught y’all up on the blog
(sorry about that – technical difficulties abounded with Flickr, my photo
blogging pass through). I need to hop in the shower now and get my day
started – w00t!