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Photo Friday: Trees

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There are some wonderful flowering trees that bloom in the spring, just in time for Disney’s annual International Flower & Garden Festival at EPCOT. They bloom at varying times during the spring season. Here’s a sample from the front entrance of the park.


In May, you can see the jacaranda trees in bloom. Planted in clusters near the geosphere, their misty lilac color melts into the steely gray of Spaceship Earth. They smell heavenly 🙂 The bees like them even more than I do, so there’s an opportunity to observe them in the act of collecting pollen.


Here’s a closer view of the jacaranda blooms with the geosphere and the sky as a backdrop.

Crepe Myrtle at EPCOT

Just one month later in June, the jacaranda have already stopped blooming – but the crepe myrtles are now in full force. These vines have been expertly woven over time into beautifully shaped trees. These bright pink ones stand in stately rows alongside the Leave A Legacy monuments near the geosphere. I’ve seen white ones scattered throughout the park too, most notably by the French pavilion.


A closer view of the crepe myrtle blooms against Spaceship Earth.


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