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Treasure From San Carlos Bay

Treasure From San Carlos Bay, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

I found a nice, shiny, pointy-headed olive glistening on the beach at "Coney Island" (see Foursquare – I’m the Mayor!") – it’s one of the spoil islands that supports the Sanibel Island Causeway. What a treat! I figure a bird had it for an appetizer and left the shell for me to find. Thanks, random bird!

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Dear Governor Crist…

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I sent an email last Friday to Florida governor Charlie Crist regarding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and what I consider to be the frittering away of funding on advertising tourism when we’re expecting to have a disaster to clean up. I realize people are suffering from lack of business, but I think there is other recourse to compensate them, and that it isn’t right to encourage tourists to gamble their hard-earned vacation dollars on a Florida Gulf beach vacation when we know there’s a good chance of the oil plume making landfall here.

If you would like to contact Florida’s governor or lieutenant governor, please visit


To: Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com
Subject: Redirect those advertising funds toward saving our Gulf shores!

Dear Governor Crist –

I moved to Southwest Florida 4 years ago from New York. I came here because of the tropical climate and natural beauty of the Lee Island Coast and because of my love for Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers Beach and the surrounding out-islands. I love the wildlife sanctuaries and rookeries along Estero and San Carlos Bays, the availability of fresh seafood all year round and our astounding beaches. It breaks my heart to think of all this beauty and abundance covered in crude oil, consequently dead and ruined for generations to come.

IMG_0362-Sanibel-sailboat-seagulls-beachThe oil gushing into the Gulf has been doing so for over 40 days. Even capped, it is still leaking. I know better than to think that any part of the Gulf states’ shorelines are going to escape some sort of impact. There’s just too much of it out there, and now hurricane season is upon us which will bring unpredictability in the form of currents and winds.

It is unethical, bordering on immoral, to dupe people into coming to Florida’s Gulf Coast, when we cannot guarantee them an oil-free vacation. We are bilking them out of their hard-earned vacation dollars. WHY are we wasting these funds on misleading advertising when they could be applied DIRECTLY to the problem? We could be using the funds to compensate the fisherman and those in the tourist industry for loss of income. We could be conserving some of it to help pay for the cleanup we KNOW we are going to need.

IMG_0385-American-brown-pelican-Sanibel-IslandWhile Louisiana’s leaders are making quite a compelling and widely publicized case for disaster funding, Florida is busy telling people everything is coming up sunshine and lollipops. By this time next week, we could be just as awash in the foul stench of crude oil and decomposing wildlife as Louisiana is right now. Anyone with even half an ounce of sense knows this is true. So why are we being deceitful with our tourists and wasteful with our funding?

IMG_0642-Lighthouse-Beach-2004-SanibelGovernor Crist, I hope you will do everything in your power to stop this foolishness with the advertising campaigns and start instead and in earnest to prepare Florida’s Gulf Coast for the impact that we all KNOW is coming our way. Start working on BP to step up to the plate and provide compensation for the tourism and fishing industries and funding for the cleanup. Stop worrying about enticing tourists and refocus all that energy – and all those dollars – on ensuring that Florida is prepared to meet the beast swiftly and intelligently when it strikes.

It’s going to be bad. But you can mitigate a lot of that if you will just focus on what matters, on what makes sense and on doing the right thing, always.

Erin White
Lehigh Acres, Florida

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What Floridians Should Know About Reporting Oil

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IMG_1534-Ding-Darling-Sanibel-Cove-In-Mangroves πŸ™ I am thankful to report that our beaches here in Southwest Florida are as yet unaffected by the catastrophic BP oil spill. However, no one knows how hurricane season (started June 1st) will affect ocean currents and therefore the direction the oil spill takes.

This oil well has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for more than 40 days. Impact would be devastating for this area – there are wildlife refuges that house rookeries and sea life breeding grounds all along the Lee Island Coast. The potential for unrecoverable destruction is high and it’s severe.

The City of Sanibel has provided links to important instructions that must be followed in the event that evidence of the oil spill is discovered. Follow the link below to access these documents from the City of Sanibel website.

City of Sanibel Urges All Residents to Review & Know the State of Florida β€œOil Spill Reporting Guide” / News / City Manager’s Office / Departments / Home – City of Sanibel.

A Sanibel osprey vogues for me

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IMG_3854-Sanibel-Lighthouse-Beach-OspreyThere’s an osprey nest atop a tall pole at the Sanibel Island Lighthouse Beach. Nearby are the branches of a dead tree which make for a convenient perch for this young osprey. He waits impatiently for a parent to come back with some dinner. While he waits, he whines, much like his human counterparts. Only, he whines on a single note, rapidly and repeatedly. “Where! Is! My! Food! I! Want! To! Eat! Where! Is! My! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM!” If you want to hear what the osprey sounds like, then CLICK HERE for a *.wav file I found (it opened Quicktime in the browser for me). OK, now picture being subjected to that for even two minutes straight while you are trying to shell serenely. Do you not want to run away screaming yourself? πŸ˜‰

Since he’d given me his profile in the previous shot, he decided to turn the other way and give me the other side, too. Not sure which I’d classify as his “good side”, but he does seem to be sporting quite the stylin’ cowlick in this one. This is one hawt seahawk! πŸ˜‰

And finally we get his very best, “What are YOU lookin’ at?” pose – as though he totally isn’t digging all the attention! I think the only way he’d like it more is if I had a dead fish in my hands instead of a camera!

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Unique night-time views of the Magic Kingdom

IMG_2621-WDW-MK-Cinderellas-castleWhile watching Tinkerbell fly through the night skies at the opening of the Wishes fireworks show, have you ever wondered how she gets up there? Yes, I know – pixie dust. OK, you got me. Let’s rephrase – suppose YOU wanted to fly through the sky like Tinkerbell, but you were dustless at the moment. How would you get up there? How would you make sure you would not fall?

The Imagineering Disney blog has published a series of photos taken one night while climbing to the very tippy-top of Cinderella’s Castle. The elevator only goes as far as the now-famous Castle Suite, where some lucky guests have had the good fortune to spend the night. To climb beyond that and take in the views, you apparently need a safety harness! If you are the type who thinks a backstage view would “ruin the magic” for you, then don’t CLICK HERE

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Come to the beach!

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While trawling around YouTube, I found some TV commercial videos for tourism in Lee County, Florida. I chose to live in Lee because of the proximity to Sanibel Island, one of the Lee Islands. The video embedded above has an “Awwww!” factor that will leave you hungry for unplugged beach time on the Lee Island Coast. And if you can’t get down here for a while, it will at least sustain you until you can.
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Book Review: Project Future

There’s a breed of Disney fans who can be classified as Disney scholars. Beyond enjoyment of the magic, they want to know who and what makes it tick. George Taylor is one such fan. He’s got a great library of books that deconstruct, analyze or just plain celebrate Disney, and frequently offers book reviews on the websites for which he writes.

This time, George has chosen “Project Future: The Inside Story Behind The Creation Of Disney World”. I’ve been waiting for this book to be published and now I’m waiting some more until August rolls around, hoping that someone will pluck it from my Amazon Wish List and present it to me for my birthday.

I always look forward to George’s reviews, and was especially pleased to see this one. CLICK HERE to visit 2719 Hyperion and read about “Project Future”. You can also find George at Imaginerding Disney

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Royal poinciana on the Lee Island Coast

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IMG_4434-Royal-Poinciana-Cabbage-KeyπŸ™‚ One of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen is the royal poinciana. This tree is a native of Madagascar and is widely cultivated in the subtropical climate of south Florida. Generally, they are blooming profusely along about May of each year, but some of them are still blooming long after that, into the summer months. This one was captured in May of 2007, when my friends and I rented a boat and ran it out to Cabbage Key, a small vacation island that is part of the Lee Island Coast. I thought the color was especially striking and could not resist snapping away at it. The royal poinciana blooms in colors ranging from yellow through orange and into red. The green feathery foliage makes it doubly ornamental.

According to Wikipedia, there are lots of nicknames for the royal poinciana. It differs from country to country. But the name I like best is the one that the Vietnamese have given to this tree – the phoenix tail. There are two reasons I like “the phoenix tail” best. I like the concept of infinite opportunities for transformation, and it reminds me of Fawkes, the phoenix who lives with Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter stories. πŸ™‚

Todays-Flowers-Logo Scenic Sunday

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