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Dinosaur Week: giant Lego monsters!

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IMG_0012-WDW-DTD-Legos-dinosaurs🙂 Welcome to Dinosaur Week at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* As mentioned elsewhere, the only real reason it is Dinosaur Week is because I have pictures of dinosars to share 😉 Today’s offering comes from Downtown Disney. As many are aware, there is a Lego store there, and they’ve been displaying complex, life-sized Lego sculptures for many years. They are swapped out periodically, so sometimes you get a surprise on your next visit.

These dinosaurs stood very close to the shore. One of the current displays is an entire tourist family. I have to say that my all-time faves were the dragon and the guy who was snoring on the bench outside the store (I think he looked like Frasier from the TV show). I was on a boat from the Port Orleans French Quarter resort when I snapped this photo, so that’s why it’s a behind-and-to-the-side view.

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