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Feeling Disney deprived? Make a virtual video visit!

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EyesOnEars-tweet🙂 You’re cold, you say, and tired of winter. You want to know where the sun went, feel the warm humidity on your skin, see palm trees swaying against the clear, blue sky. Well, I can’t do anything about the humidity, but palm trees and sunshine you can have! One of my online Disney pals tweeted a very happy tweet the other day – he reminded everyone of the existence of a Disney-related website that specializes in live streaming video from Walt Disney World. The site is EyesOnEars.com, and it’s chock full of folks who love to share the magic by streaming live video from the resorts and parks. I like to lurk there – as both a Disney geek and a technology geek, I find the marriage of the two to be deeply satisfying (well, I did say I was a geek!).

EyesOnEars-Live-Video-PageSome people stream from the parks with their phones while others set up a camera on the balcony of their room and just let it do its thing all day while they are out and about touring. In this day and age of portable technology and built-in webcams, it’s pretty easy to get started. EyesOnEars.com makes it even easier by hosting a forum where people can go to learn how to stream, what equipment they will need and what web services are available to facilitate the stream. Ustream and Qik come to mind – there are probably other services besides these two. I’ve tested the Qik service with my beloved Nokia E71 smartphone – it works pretty well. If you’re not into learning how to do it yourself but just need your “blue skies and sunshine – guaranteed!” fix, then the video viewing area is for you. Some are live, some are previously recorded – who cares which, as long as it’s Disney, right? 😉

So if you are pining away for the sight of Walt Disney World but can’t get there just now, there’s help out there to get you through. Just visit EyesOnEars.com and click on Live Video at the top left of the screen. You’ll be glad you did!

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