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Idols in the shrubbery at Loews Royal Pacific

Just wandering the resort between conference sessions. I found myself near the site of the luau, where stone idols are nestled in the foliage here and there. Yes, I have been to the luau – yes it is fabulous! Great food and fine entertainment, plus the company of good friends all conspired to make it a pleasantly memorable evening *shout out to Joy* 🙂

Waiting on the water taxi

Waiting on the water taxi, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

Done with business for the day. Now I am waiting for the water taxi out back of the Pacifica Ballroom convention center at Loews Royal Pacific in Orlando. I plan to go back to the car and get my running clothes, then use the resort running routes to get in some mileage and burn off some of this conference food!