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Photo Friday: Baloo Is A Primary Color

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Baloo is a Primary Color

Baloo is a primary color… as are red and yellow 😉

I have a special friend who absolutely loves Baloo, so every time I am in the World, I try to get photos of him as he passes by in the parades. In addition to the Magic Kingdom, the other good place to find Baloo is in the Harambe section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. He’s known to sign autographs and appear in the parade there, along with King Louie.


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Tigers of The Royal Forest of Anandapur, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Tigers of The Royal Forest of Anandapur, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

(a Camera Critters post)
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IMG01416-DAK-tiger-trash-can-artLast week, I wrote about my Favorite Critters At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and one of them was the tiger.  In that post, I explained that Disney has placed their tigers in a setting that is similar to the “temple of the tigers”, a preserve in India that had at one time been royal hunting grounds. 

IMG01430-DAK-tiger-sign-wood-houseDisney places the tigers along the Maharajah Jungle Trek in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and calls the forested section “The Royal Forest of Anandapur”.  I googled “Anandapur” and found two villages, one in the state of Crissa in India, and the other is in Bangladesh, from whence the Royal Bengal tiger comes.  Well they also hang out in Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Myanmar (Burma), but a “Bengal” is someone from Bangladesh, so there you go.

The first image above is actually trash can art, and was captured just outside the Maharajah Jungle Trek entrance. The second image heralds your arrival in the Royal Forest of Anandapur, where the tigers frolic amongst the ruins of a royal palace that is crumbling with antiquity.

IMG_7079-DAK-one-tiger-fountainPlease excuse the “ghosts” on these photos; they were shot through glass, and I think it’s remarkable that they are as clear as they are, given how many little fingers leave their imprints on a daily basis 🙂 This tiger guards a crumbling fountain; he doesn’t see what I see behind him…. maybe he’s got tiger “spidey sense” that allows him to know somehow, but I didn’t consider that at the time and I thought we, the tourists of Anandapur, were about to see some action…

IMG_7078-DAK-one-tiger-pool No, I have no idea why there appears to be a board in the water, but I’m glad you noticed because I was kind of wondering myself. A second tiger stealthily skirts the fountain pool, looking for all the world like s/he was stalking the first one. What will happen? Is there going to be a conflict, a great, fierce battle? The tourists of Anandapur hold their collective breath!

IMG_7082-DAK-two-tigers-fountainWhew! It looks like the second tiger is disinterested in conflict after all, passing by without a even a passing glance, never mind a roar or even a growl. The tourists of Anandapur, lungs bursting, release their collective breath.

Peace descends upon the Royal Forest of Anandapur. Happy ending – YAY! 🙂


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