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UPDATE! My Christmas Wish List

It’s not too late – you can still order me a Christmas present! 😀 You’ll have to select express shipping if you want me to have it by Christmas, though…

Last time we talked about Amazon Wish Lists, it was “Cyber Monday”, the virtual equivalent of “Black Friday”, whereby everyone is supposed to go berserk with their credit cards, thus doing their part as Americans and patriots to stimulate the economy. Let it not be said that I don’t pull my weight for Uncle Sam! I have scrubbed my Amazon Wish List until it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building [ /Miss Hannigan]

(have you ever seen the top of the Chrysler Building? I have! The company I work for used to have offices in Grand Central Towers in NYC. It was fun to look out the window and see the cars and gargoyle ornaments sticking out of the top of the building, glinting and gleaming and, well, SHINING in the sun)

Enough foolishiness – on with the list!

Stuff Still On My Amazon Wish List

Photo/Negative/Slide Scanner
I have a boatload of photos from my former life upon the wicked stage, plus slides of me at age 22 starring as Julie Jordan in Rogers and Hammerstein’s Carousel. I would love to scan them and share them online. I think this gadget from Canon can help! There are other gadgets out there that only do either one or the other (photos or slides/negatives) but not both, like this one does. A little pricey, not surprised it is still on the list.

Extra Cell Phone Battery
Want to hear something funny? Someone selected the fancy charger that can charge both the phone AND an extra battery at the same time – but didn’t buy the extra battery! So I still need one of these for my Nokia E71 mobile device. I find that using the device for mobile photo blogging can really drain the battery. I do carry a battery charger (it’s a device filled with AA batteries, and the juice is transferred to the phone) but that takes a while, and meanwhile photo ops are passing you by. Having an extra battery will be much better!

Harry Potter, Years 1-5 Limited Edition “box set”
Yep, the Harry Potter box set – or, in this case, steamer trunk set – still on the list. Only, I’ve been told that the HD version won’t work with my DVD player, so I’ve replaced it with this “regular” version. I do still have somewhat of a nagging guilt-feeling about this one. You KNOW that when the next film comes out on DVD, they will think of some other, clever way to package them, and I’ll have to have that one, too. I’m such a brat, aren’t I? 😉

Pixar’s WALL-E on DVD
I am hoping to add this DVD of Disney-Pixar’s WALL-E to my collection and have a movie night real soon! Never saw it in the movie theater. That’s pretty typical for me. I sometimes wonder if I went to the movies more often, would my DVD collection be quite so large? I’m not sure… probably, yes, it would be exactly as large as it is now.

Stuff People Bought For Me Already

I think this is what happens when much-doted-upon nieces grow up and have their own money…. 🙂

Nokia Sync and Charge
This is the cool charger for my Nokia E-71 mobile device. I can charge both the phone an extra battery in it at the same time. Additionally, it acts as a cradle for synchronizing with whatever desktop software is appropriate. I’m really excited that someone picked this off the list for me – I believe that one should take the time and trouble to find out what the recipient really WANTS, and clearly someone took the trouble in this case. w00t!

Screen Protectors and A Skin!
More accessories for my Nokia E-71. One thing I really miss about the Crackberry is that there are accessories, including a rubberized easy-to-grip skin, freely available in Best Buy and the like. Nokia, not so much, so I’m happy to see that this was selected from the list. As for the screen protectors, the ones that I have now are generic cut-to-fit. I’ve made mistakes and wasted sheets of this stuff on more than one occasion, so it will be nice to have something that is made to order.

OMG, NFW, It’s DONNY OSMOND! *faints*
Do you know how LONG this has been on my list? Yeah, I know, Donny Osmond – how 70s of me. So, sue me! 🙂 This is the album with Soldier of Love on it. That’s the song that was on the radio for a while and nobody knew who it was. Mr. Osmond wanted to prove that if he released a single under his own name, DJs would ignore it and hate it sound unheard, but if it was anonymous, it would get played and be liked. It was, and it still is! For a long time, this CD was not available. You can see that the album art isn’t available at all, although if you view it on Amazon’s site, miraculously a photo of Donny is there. I guess the person who ordered it for me hit the Wish List at just the right moment, because I didn’t even know that it HAD become available! Double w00t!

And last but not least… a little feminist theology
Did you know that “sophia” is Greek for “wisdom”? And “philo” is one of the Greek words for “love”. So “philosophy” is “the love of wisdom”. Little known but fun facts about Tink *~*~* – I am ever the seeker, and I don’t believe that God is male. She’s probably really pissed off that people believe that of Her. 😉 Seriously, if you ask me, “Is God male, or is God female?”, I will reply, “Both and neither”. God is. That’s all. None of that stops me, however, from searching for the feminine face of God (yes, I read that book, too). A lot of my library is dedicated to God and religion and trying to understand how patriarchy, misogyny and subjugation could possibly have happened in this best of all possible worlds…. I’m still trying to figure it out, but if you want to see the basis of my current theory, you need to read my Valentine’s Day Essay

OK, that’s the Wish List report. I’ve had some fun on Amazon this year, trying to figure out “Gee, if I click one of my OWN links, do I still get a whopping (and thus far, theoretical) three cents?” I’ve also sharpened my paltry HTML skills trying to get the rectangles placed where I want them in relation to the text. Finally, I’m starting to get REALLY excited about Christmas, now that I know that there will be a few things under the tree for me that I REALLY wanted!

So….. what’s on YOUR wish list? Don’t be shy! Leave a comment and let us all know your heart’s desire!