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Sanibel Island’s Over Easy Cafe

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02-21-08_0855-Over-Easy-Cafe-Sanibel 🙂 Last time I ate at the Over Easy Cafe on Sanibel Island, I took a picture of the menu. The Over Easy is decorated with a country motif featuring chickens and roosters; you can see that this one here has both blue and yellow going on, befitting the themes of Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday. And since we’re in a restaurant, it’s easy to cover this week’s prompt for Manic Monday, which is taste.

The Over Easy is on Tarpon Bay Road, right at the foot of Periwinkle. If you read up at the various travel review sites about the Over Easy Cafe, I think you will find that the one thing they are most famous for is their giant homemade sticky orange rolls; I hear they taste great. However, the one thing on the Over Easy menu that stands out most in my mind is their Summer Salad. It’s a healthful mix of greens, fruits and nuts, with a pecan raspberry vinaigrette and crumbles of bleu cheese. Talk about taste – it’s truly awesome!

The decor at the Over Easy has lots more blue and yellow stuff – visit the Over Easy website to have a look at additional pictures and the menu.

Well, it looks like I’ve squeaked out yet another victory in the Monday Meme Trifecta – we’ve got blue, we’ve got yellow, we’ve got taste. Wondering how many more weeks I’ll be able to pull this off? Me too! Guess we’ll all just have to tune in again next week to find out 🙂

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