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Possible new Disney Archives museum in California

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Walt Disney ArchivesA major Disney museum in Glendale? It may be the future for the company’s past

The L.A. Times Hero Complex blog reports that The Disney Archives are about to be made viewable by the public at a new museum in Glendale, California. Apparently, when Walt Disney died, his office was sealed as is. Years later, it was unsealed so an archivist could go in and catalog everything. That is how the Archives were born.

It’s much more today than just the contents of Walt Disney’s office – and definitely enough to entice me out to L.A. to visit the Disney parks on that side of the country. I haven’t been there since 2001, when I spent a day at Disney’s California Adventure. I think I’d need several days devoted just to the archives. And many return visits!

So how about you – is this enough to get you out to California for a Disneyland vacation?

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