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A surprise on the rose walk

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🙂 I have discovered the macro setting on my camera! And not only do I know where it is, I actually remember to use it on occasion. During a stroll on the rose walk in EPCOT this past spring, I noticed that I was in the presence of some of the smallest critters on Disney property – aphids on the roses. If you click this photo, it will take you to Flickr where you can view all sizes, including the one that will show you teeny tiny green and white critters on these rosebuds. I am pretty sure the green ones are aphids. Does anyone know what the white critters are?

While there were plenty of buds, there were also plenty of blooms in April. It was April 24th, to be exact, and although the magnolias and the gardenias were disappointingly barren, the rose walk was VERY satisfying, with fat blooms sprinkled throughout. Definitely a feast for the eyes!

As I was standing there in the middle of the Rose Walk fiddling with the camera – “Oooo, what does THIS button do?”, LOL – I heard a familiar “shhhhhhhush!” sound and looked up just in time to catch the Tronorail passing by overhead. The subject of great debate throughout the many Disney internet communities, the Tronorail has both its fans and its detractors. I don’t really have an opinion as to whether or not monorails should be turned into advertisements for Disney products. As long as it isn’t garrishly ugly to look at, I’m fine with it. The Tronorail is my favorite color, so I guess that means I like it. I did find myself repeatedly looking for it during my last few trips to Orlando, and was disappointed when it WASN’T the Tronorail passing overhead. Yeah, I guess I like it 😉

How about you – what’s your opinion of the Tronorail?

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