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Of sand, surf and skateboards on Sanibel Island

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🙂 On Sunday, I drove out to Sanibel Island to hang out with my friends Gary and Tootie. Shortly after I arrived, we proceeded to “Santiva”, as the the area near the bridge between Sanibel and Captiva is known. We had lunch at the Sunset Grill, and then we went to look at Blind Pass. The pass between Sanibel and Captiva had filled itself in years ago, but a recent dredging project opened it up again. It is hoped that the flow of salt and brine through the pass will improve the health of the estuaries on the bay side of the islands, and also improve fishing in the area. Tootie said that it’s been reported that sharks are using the pass quite a bit already. 😯


As we stood on the bridge watching the water swirl under the bridge and break on the newly carved shores, Gary and I realized that one of our prime shelling beaches had in fact been removed by the dredging! You can click here to see all the gifts from Gustav (one year ago on September 1st 2008), and then if you want to see more, click here to see what came later in the month when Ike passed through (September 22nd, 2008). The place where we’d scored great hauls of shells after storms last year was now gone, and the swirling waters were in it’s place. We contemplated this for a moment, and then we saw the skateboard. Tootie observed that you’re supposed to bring a surfboard, not a skateboard! We were there for another ten minutes or so, but the owner never showed up, and the mystery of the skateboard in the sand remains unsolved.

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