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Tink’s *~*~* Links: Disney in my FB News Feed!

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All kinds of Disney stuff happening in my Facebook News Feed lately. Disney news is popping up in the oddest places – check it out!

Disney aiming to establish technology standards for web-connected toys

So… how do you feel about kids having internet access through their toys? Even more controversial – how do you feel about the internet having access to your child through their toys? Do you feel better about it, knowing that Disney is going to have a hand in developing the standards that would govern such technology being included in the playthings used by children? I think the biggest issue with this is that there don’t seem to be laws that would enforce the adoption of such standards. Therefore, adoption of the standards, in whole or in part, would be entirely voluntary, which in my mind renders the standards sort of useless… Ultimately, I think it’s up to parents to decided if they want their kids ordinary playthings to increase their “always connected” -ness or not.

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IMG_5374-WDW-DAK-RafikiI followed a link in my FB News Feed to Wired.com and found the following articles totally by accident –

Disney World As Edutainment

A dad waxes geekish on the educational opportunities that abound at all four Disney World parks in Orlando. He calls out the World Showcase and the salt water aquarium in EPCOT, Indiana Jones in Hollywood Studios, Conservation Station in the Animal Kingdom and The Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom.

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Review: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Now that his youngest kid is 5 years old, this dad has a little time to play video games again – and what better than a family-friendly Disney game? I’ve never played this game, but he seems REALLY happy with it – not only because it’s a good game but because he’s getting back to something he liked to do before the kids AND he can share it with his kids. Full of WIN 🙂

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A Geek Dad’s Disney World Observations

Final offering from Wired – yet another “GeekDad”, a Canadian, shares his humorous observations about the Disney World experience after spending 14 nights at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort (love me some POR!). I’m shocked to discover how much he says Disney wanted to charge him for a six-pack of Corona – surely he’s gotta be speaking in Canadian dollars, eh?

This has been another

too-exciting-for-your-own-good episode of

Tink’s *~*~* Links 😉

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Tink’s *~*~* Links: Passes and Princesses

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The Disney Blog reviews the new Princess And The Frog DVD

I agree that the story was slow in spots. I do not agree that the music was “quality” across the board – every song with the exception of “Dig A Little Deeper” was eminently forgettable. But you know what I loved about “The Princess And The Frog”? Tiana is smart, ambitious, driven and a go-getter. She did not sit around helplessly waiting for her prince to come. She planned her work, then worked the plan to get everything that she wanted for herself. YOU GO, GIRL! 🙂

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Disney to sell annual pass good for all its U.S. theme parks

Not sure why anyone would be interested, in this economy. When you consider airfare, especially for an entire family, this just isn’t practical for most passholders. You have to wonder at the motivation for such a “deal”. Possibly, Disney is betting that someone will find the idea of visiting all 6 US parks in one year appealing, but the practicalities of having them on opposite coasts will be prohibitive. They will have collected the revenue whether or not the parks are visited. The only people I can see this being good for are locals who buy an annual pass to their local park anyway. They might consider making one big trip next year to the other coast (Floridians to California and vice versa), but I cannot see many people making TWO big trips in a year in this economy.

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New trailer for Disney’s TANGLED!

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming TANGLED, Disney’s take on the “Rapunzel” fairy tale. Leads are voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi of NBC’s “Chuck” (I do love me some Chuck, just wish I remembered more often to watch!).

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There’s also a slideshow of some stills from the film on IMDB.com – hand-drawn goodness!

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FOLLOW UP from last week’s edition –

Court temporarily blocks release of video, photos of SeaWorld trainer death

I did not realize they had underwater video of this event. I’m not sure how many people would willingly watch this poor girl drown. This is not something the public needs to see or hear, and I agree that it should not be released. I’m glad the judge sees it the family’s way, and I hope that sentiment will continue toward making the injunction permanent.

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That’s it for TINK’S *~*~* LINKS this week – hope you’ve enjoyed 🙂

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Tink’s *~*~* Links: food, film and fun!

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030720102678-WDW-EPCOT-FandG-Fest-sign🙂 Hey, I’m back from my whirlwind weekend in Walt Disney World, where I made a leisurely tour of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and EPCOT, watched three of my “sistahs” cross the finish line in the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and mobile blogged the entire time.

You can find a lot of pictures here on My Mobile Adventures *~*~*, but I also posted unique content to the blog’s Facebook page and to Twitter as well (the tweeted pictures are actually over at TwitPic). In addition to the mobile blogging and tweeting, I took a ton more that are still in the camera, including a few lucky shots of the new baby gorilla aka the “girl-illa” who was just recently born at DAK. I hope to get those up on the blog shortly, possibly this weekend in time for Camera Critters.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on a little reading. Here are some things which caught my eye, tickled my fancy or provided food for thought:

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SeaWorld, trainer’s family seek to prevent release of video of fatal killer-whale accident

Killerwhales_jumpingThe family of the trainer who was killed by an orca at SeaWorld is seeking an injunction against the public release of SeaWorld’s surviellance video, which captured the incident.

“Use of this video will do nothing more than further sensationalize a tragic event and traumatize our family,” said Charles LoVerde, the spokesman. “Some members of the news media have shown restraint and sensitivity during this difficult time, but many others have not. The conduct of some members of the press has been disgraceful. Our family has a right to heal in private, and we once again appeal to the media to recognize the terrible pain we are experiencing and give us a small measure of respect and privacy.”

My reaction: I hope that any web hosting company, YouTube, Flickr, etc. would immediately remove any photos or videos depicting this tragedy once they were aware of them, and also that the hosting company would deal harshly with the person who posted it. I also hope that anyone reading this who sees such a thing online will immediately inform the host and insist upon it’s removal. If you cannot figure out who the host is, email me and I’ll help track it down (belltinkr at g mail dot com)

It’s morbid, unnecessary and just plain mean to post such a thing. And as we all know, mean people suck. Karma doesn’t like them very much, either….

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Mmmmm, Disney Food!

The Daily Disney offers this recipe from the Grand Floridian Cafe at Walt Disney World –

Chocolate-Crusted Key Lime Pie!

Personally, I generally do not care for key lime pie, but I think the chocolate crusting thing would go a long way toward helping me to appreciate it 😉

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Prince of Persia is a popular series of video games, available for Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and Windows XP (affiliate links lead to Amazon.com). Now it’s a film by Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Pictures, scheduled for release in May 2010. Love the Aladdinesque theme – poor street waif becomes prince. I definitely want to see this -part film, part video game, all Gyllenhaal all the time! <3 Here's the official site for the film - Walt Disney Pictures | Prince of Persia. And looky, you can Become A Fan on Facebook!. And finally – feast yourself on the extended trailer (Subscribers – if you don’t see a video right below these words, click through to the blog to view it):

If the YouTube version is gone or won’t play, you can try watching it here here

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I was googling around for something, but you know how it goes – click a picture here, or an intriguing title there, and suddenly I found myself face-to-face with Disney board games! I didn’t even know there was such a thing. How cool are these? (yes they are affiliate links, no they won’t bite you!). There’s something called the Magic Kingdom Game (nope, I’ve never heard of it either), and also the Splash Mountain Edition of SORRY! in a collectible tin.


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That’s it for Tink’s *~*~* Links this week. After I unwind from my whirlwind weekend trip, I’ll get back to regular posting. Enjoy!

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