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My hotel room fridge hath arrived

Maybe only people who are total slaves to their morning coffee will get this, but I will try to explain it anyhow. I need MY coffee in the morning, the way *I* like it, or the day is just ruined. So, whenever I am staying in a hotel, I bring MY coffee and extra sugar (yes, a concession to white food), and then I have to have REAL milk – yes another concession to white food. It does not have to be whole milk. It can be 2%. However, I cannot do powdered stuff or half and half or "international delights" or any of that other stuff. Anythng less that actual milk from a bottle constitutes ruination of my day.

This means that when I am in a hotel, I need a way of keeping my milk cold. The logical choice is a refrigerator in the room. This is the preferred Plan A. Sometimes they charge extra for this, sometimes not.

Plan B is to bring my rolling cooler and make use of the ice machine on the floor. If I am not flying, that means I am driving, so the rolling cooler automatically goes in the back of the RAV as a contingency measure.

Plan C is for when I flew and therefore did not get to throw my rolling cooler in the back of the car – I use the ice bucket in the room and get a really small milk. Plan C is a HUGE PITA.

Obviously, this time, Plan A is in effect. So now I get to leave the cooler in the back of the car and take a walk over to Walgreens’s for a bottle of cold, delicious 2%, thereby avoiding daily ruination – w00t!

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I see Hogwarts from my room!

I see Hogwarts from my room!, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Last time I was in Orlando, I decided that I was bored with the Sheraton Safari and that I liked the Four Points by Universal a lot. So I booked it on Starwood points for this weekend.

True, I will have to schlep a bit to get to Disney, but "free is good" – plus, Monday we are going to see Harry Potter, so I will be handy for that.

Now to freshen up and go meet Da Fam in EPCOT. Oh and that is Hogwarts dead center of the photo!

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