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[VIDEO] Look, up in that tree – it’s “Woody”!

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Pileated Woodpecker at Six Mile Cypress SloughWeek before last, I took a stroll deep into the swamp – the Six Mile Cypress Slough here in Fort Myers – and I heard a familiar sound. After looking around for a bit, I found him. He’s a pileated “Woody” woodpecker, with a ruby red crest on his head. Isn’t he beautiful? What a treat! Actually, I did even better than this – I got about a 10 second video of him before he moved around to the other side of the tree and out of sight. Sorry it isn’t longer, but that’s wildlife for ya – always doing just as they please, leaving us photographers fumbling to get something decent. I hope I see him again sometime when I go back. Enjoy!

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Sometimes, the signs are perplexing

Sometimes, the signs are perplexing, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

This one always cracks me up. Not only that, but I see something like this and immediately question WHY I can only go one way. I don’t see anything dangerous. What’s over there that they don’t want me to see?

(I am at the Six Mile Cypress Slough this morning)

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LIVE from the Six Mile Cypress Slough, Fort Myers

LIVE from the Six Mile Cypress Slough, Fort Myers, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

I haven’t been to the Slough in a while and I saw a notice on Facebook that there was an event today so I thought I’d come and check it out. Maybe I will see some gators!

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Six Mile Cypress Sky

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Six Mile Cypress Sky

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Sky so blue and clouds
so puffy, filtered through the
branches of the trees

SIX MILE CYPRESS SLOUGH is a beautiful strip of wetland woods that isn’t actually six miles – it’s about nine miles long and maybe a third of a mile wide.  The slough (pronouced “slew”, rhymes with “you” – yeah, I had to look it up!) runs alongside Six Mile Cypress Parkway, just north of Daniels Parkway in Fort Myers.  Migratory birds like to take a pit-stop here to fatten up for their long journeys hither and yon.  People come to walk through the preserve, which you might think is icky if you didn’t know that they’ve built a raised boardwalk so you’re not slogging through the swamp.  😀

I use Six Mile Cypress Parkway when I am driving to or coming home from Sanibel Island, and I always pass the sign that advertises the days of the week and the times for the guided nature walks, and think to myself that I’m going to have to play sick one of these work days and just go and do it!  I think I will ring up my friend Snowbird for this particular adventure, as she has expressed interest in the past.  I’ve been through there by myself, in the hot muggy summertime; this photo was taken in the Slough July 25th 2005, which was the trip I made down here to go house hunting.  I had to wear a ton of bug spray, and my tour ended when the skies opened up and let loose a torrential summer rain, so typical of this area during rainy season.  Yep, gonna have to do this soon, before the temps turn sultry and the air turns buggy again.

And after we do that, maybe I’ll play hookey again and we’ll do the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary down in Naples, Florida.   😉  It’s an Audubon site!


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Reflection Shot
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Wordless, Sunday April 27th 2008

Wordless, Sunday April 27th 2008
“But… why?”

Six Mile Cypress Slough ~ Fort Myers, Florida ~ July, 2005