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Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge – pelican roost

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🙂 Back in May 2009, I took a cruise on Tarpon Bay with the Tarpon Bay Explorers. The cruise was a “thank you for your donation” gift from the local National Public Radio (NPR) station, WGCU, 90.1 FM in Fort Myers, Florida. The narrator is Dr. Jerry Jackson, a professor at FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University) who also narrates a daily radio spot on WGCU, “Out With The Wild Things”. Enjoy! And for those in the USA, hope you’re having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

I enjoyed the tour of Tarpon Bay – beautiful surroundings, sunny May day, fascinating speaker, what’s not to love? But I much preferred last year’s tour with Dr. Jackson on Rookery Bay. Click this link to see photos and videos from the Rookery Bay tour.

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Reddish egret, Tarpon Bay

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A view of Tarpon Bay, Sanibel Island

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One fine Saturday
I take a ride on a boat
out on Tarpon Bay

There’s a pergola.
Blue sky peeking through the slats,
they hold lectures there

Someone’s speaking, but
so enamored of the sky,
I do not hear him.

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