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Accidental Stop at Butterfly Garden in Fort Myers

Accidental Stop at Butterfly Garden in Fort Myers, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Subtitled – What To Do When Your Morning Is A Bust!

I decided that I would do my daily walk/run in Centennial Park this morning. The river would serve as a refreshing change of scenery for me. Since the City of Fort Myers Utilities office is on the way, I thought I’d make a pitstop there and pay my (unbelieveably outlandish for one person) water bill.

Well, it’s Martin Luther King Day and the Utilities office is closed. Ok, on to the park.

Well, it’s Martin Luther King day, and there’s a parade blocking the route.

Ok – weaving in and out the streets of unfamiliar territory, I spotted this place – a butterfly conservatory, gift shop and cafe live here. Thought I’d get some coffee and wait out the parade so I could continue on to the park.

I now have coffee and it’s starting to rain. Guess I’ll just tour the conservatory/greenhouse, go back home and fire up the treadmill. I will send some pics if I see anything fun or interesting, but honestly, butterflies are notorious for not staying still for very long…

As for the water bill and the park – there’s always tomorrow! 🙂

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