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Photo Friday: Tales of the vertical from Orlando, Florida

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Having just visited a few days ago, I saw the prompt for Photo Friday this morning and immediately realized there were several things at the Universal Orlando Resort that qualify for inclusion in a collection of “vertical” photos. Here we go!

Sheraton Four Points near Universal Orlando

ABOVE: Four Points by Sheraton hotel, right outside Universal Orlando Resort.

The Islands of Adventure Porft of Entry tower

ABOVE: The tower outside Universal Islands of Adventure theme park

Crossing Into Jurassic Park

ABOVE: From across the lake in Jurassic Park, you can see the two towers that are otherwise known as Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall (no I have never and I ain’t ever gonna!)

She wants to go on THIS *gulp* #universalstudios

ABOVE: This is ROCKIT! at Universal Studios. Note the VERTICAL drop. Yes, I have. No, I will NEVER AGAIN!


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Squandering one of our comped Express Passes #universalstudios

Yesterday, we were each comped two Express passes for *most* rides in either Universal park. So far we have been doing single rider and haven’t needed them. This line looked long and hot so we decided to squander 🙂

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Tink’s *~*~* Links: Castle in a theme park? Shocker! ;)

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IMG_3913-Universal-Studios-globe🙂 Check it out – Universal Studios has gone and put a castle in their new Singapore theme park. Gee, wonder where they got THAT idea? 😉 Although it appears to be nothing more than a facade for the Shrek attractions, it’s still a very nice facade.  It has lots more turrets than any of those OTHER theme park castles 😆 Clink the link to the blog article below to get a look at it.

Out of the Loop: A look at the new Universal Studios Singapore | Orlando Attractions Magazine Blog.

If your interest is piqued about Universal in Singapore, then you need to check out the blog of a fellow member of the WDB, Gregory aka Bigbearsg

Sentosa Theme Park Blog

He’s also got a dedicated photo set on Flickr for Universal Singapore – including construction photos from 2008!

Greg’s Universal Singapore photos

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PS – trying an experiment. Instead of hoarding links for once a week, I’m going to try blogging them as I read them. Think of it as “Tink’s *~*~* Links Lite” 😉

Chez Bro scores big on “Men In Black”

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I just received this photo from the Blackberry of Chez Bro, aka my youngest brother. Apparently, he is at Universal Studios today, and this is his score on “Men In Black”. I guess it must be a pretty good score, else he would not risk me blogging it for all the free world to see 😉 He’s been known to share a few pics until I get there, which is not until a week from tomorrow – will share them here if they are any good (there was a reason I gave up my Crackberry for a Nokia phone….). Stay tuned!

I don’t really remember my own best MIB score.

What was yours?

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