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Lily, aka “The Toddler Of Terror”

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Ok, where in Walt Disney World am I right now?There is a place deep in the Pangani Forest of Disney’s Animal Kingdom where mere mortals fear to tread; where unspeakable horrors lurk in the bush; where destruction and mayhem breed. Here, in the heart of the lowland gorilla tribe, we find *cue scary music* LILY, THE TODDLER OF TERROR!

In a rare surge of generosity, Lily and her mom granted an exclusive photo interview to My Mobile Adventures *~*~* this past spring. Let’s take a peek and see what Lily had to say:


“Look! I gots a log. I bet there’s ants and grubs and stuff in there.”


“I gots important business to conduct; if you’re gonna take pictures, you’ll just have to keep up”


“Watch me wrassle this here palmetto (I TOLE you it was important)”


“Hah! TOLE you I would wrassle it. I gots girl-illa powah!”


“Wait, I has an itch…”


“Look I has a tail. Wanna see my butt?”


“Look, I has cuteness. See, here’s my “Oh. My. Goodness!” face. Cute, right?”


“OK, done. You go ‘way now. kthxbai!”

Well, the official portion of the interview was over right then and there. However, through the miracle of modern-day paparazzi-ism, My Mobile Adventures *~*~* is proud to bring you this (not very) exclusive video of the Toddler of Terror, foraging around with her mama. Take it away, Lily!

(Listen – you can hear the Conservation Station train whistling in the background 🙂 )

Our previous coverage of Lily and her mama:
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Happy July 4th from Liberty Square

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Thanks, Gayle!

Continuing to share the random video clips I found on my camera – here’s the Magic Kingdom marching band entertaining the crowd in Liberty Square. Have a wonderful and safe holdiay! 🙂

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[video] Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It!

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Boy they sure party a lot in Disney's Magic KingdomJust doing some camera maintenance and found a bunch of videos on both the Canon and my Nokia phone. Here’s some video I took of my new favorite parade at Walt Disney World. Prior to this parade having made it’s debut, my favorite had been Continue reading Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It!

Review: by-the-slice pizza at EPCOT’s Via Napoli

Don’t do it. If I had any free hands, this would have gotten a big thumbs DOWN. However, it is raining on and off and no one has been by to squeegee the outdoor tables. Not wishing to put my plate down in a puddle, I took cover in that alcove near the stairs with the lady’s head on the bannister.

The "crust" – and I use that term loosely, since there isn’t anything remotely "crusty" about it – is bready, which is typical of Sicilian-style pizza. Neapolitan-style pizza does not seem to be available at the window. Since there’s nothing crispy going on anywhere on this thing, the "crust" is a FAIL. If you were expecting more than half a teaspoon of tomato sauce (I was), then you will be disappointed. The cheese at least is pretty fresh.

They are clearly making the take out window pizza on the cheap – VERY cheap. I won’t be doing this again unless someone – ok MANY someones tell me that it has improved.


Pixar’s 25th Anniversary Weekend

We picked up maps and brochures at EPCOT last night for Pixar’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. I just remembered they were in my"safari" bag, so I’m going to check it out while riding to the park. looks like there will be country-appropriate character meets around the World Showcase and some Pixar animators holding speaker sessions.

Attn: @DisneyParks – this is VERY disappointing!

What a shame that Disney decided the world needed yet another character meet. They deleted the actual THEATER to make room for it. This sign is therefore erroneous; there’s no theater inside.

The theater was a respite from the heat and the crowds and I am sure many will miss it. I am also sure you’ll make lots more revenue off PhotoPass for pics of hot, sweaty, cranky tourists who no longer have that little corner of the world into which they can escape. Bummer! 🙁

Today’s Agenda: Magic Kingdom

Today’s Agenda: Magic Kingdom, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

I had the misfortune of checking email and finding that I had a mission to complete which was heretofore unknown. So I did that and now I am at the bus stop waiting to get to the Magic Kingdom. My compatriot is already there and has declared it "not crowded". Hopefully it will remain that way for a while.

See ya real soon!