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I see Hogwarts from my room!

Last time I was in Orlando, I decided that I was bored with the Sheraton Safari and that I liked the Four Points by Universal a lot. So I booked it on Starwood points for this weekend.

True, I will have to schlep a bit to get to Disney, but "free is good" – plus, Monday we are going to see Harry Potter, so I will be handy for that.

Now to freshen up and go meet Da Fam in EPCOT. Oh and that is Hogwarts dead center of the photo!

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Hippogriff, comin’ through

Sitting in a round, pavillion-like alcove behind the Three Broomsticks, periodic, muffled screams can be heard as the Flight of the Hippogriff zooms past the rooftops of Hogsmeade. I can hjear the dragons roaring too 😉

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Boughs of holly adorn Zonko’s

This is definitely a better time to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter than Halloween was! I can actually walk into the shops without waiting in a queue. Here we go into Zonko’s…

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Filch’s Emporium at Hogwarts – it’s Fluffy! When you press the button…

…he snores! There’s also a Hedwig puppet with a swivel head. All out of Sorting Hat puppets – alas!

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Exited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – for today

I think they’ve made an error of scale in there. I know small and cozy is what merry olde English towns are like but it’s too small in there for the size of the crowd. You can’t even shop without standing in a line first. I didn’t even try to get near the castle. I’ll do that with the gang on Sunday.

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Hermione Granger’s wand – now mine :o)

I think Hermione’s wand is the most attractive. Second was Prof McGonnegall’s, with the crystal tip. I liked Hermione’s best, even better than my Celtic zodiac wand, which the CM told me is witch hazel heh heh heh.

Starting to get hungry again. Need to eat soon and eat light because we’ve got Cali Grill this evening.

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Butterbeer does not disappoint!

I could not make a habit of this because it is too sweet – but it’s a fine once-in-a-while treat. i would like to try a frozen one at some point, too.

I heard a woman on line disparaging the pumpkin juice, so now I’m-a-skeered to try it.

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